Sunday, February 10, 2013 ... First week

Last weekend I devoted to creating a Facebook page for Tulip Beading Needles . There is much more to it than I'd realized and I am actually grateful for that. Sure, it took and is taking more time than I'd imagined but, it can be a source of much more information than I'd expected.
This week I've never enjoyed Facebook more. Reading the hundreds of posts from hundreds of friends having big bead adventures in Tucson , has allowed me to enjoy it vicariously.
And also this week is the maiden voyage of the Tul page. it is fun to watch the number of "likes" climb. a couple times a day I look to see if there are comments to reply to. Twice this week I noticed in other beaders' photos, Tulip Beading Needles or Tulip Bead Crochet Hooks.
Tulip assisted me with this logo for and also some great product pictures. As soon as Hyomin has asked each member of Tulip staff, 84 in total, of which 44 are women:), if I may post their pictures on Facebook, I'll share my tour of the Tulip facilities in Hiroshima and our evening outings and subsequent exhibit in Tokyo at the Great International Quilt Show. Some of the photos had to be deleted because they caught too much proprietary info about manufacturing but there are still plenty to share. It's the people that mean the most to us though anyway.
Friend Jane-Michael Stallings made a video using Tulip loom needles with the bead spinner. It is posted on the timeline, because she was kind enough to advise me on how to do that. Now, I have to learn how to post on Fb each time there is a new blog posting, how to post a PDF to the blog or websites and/or (to share recipes of beadwork). Small world...Jane-Michael (also has her own Fb page Unique Beadwork by Jane Michael) works at Lapis Lane Beads , a beadstore in Austin Texas, and one of my customers carrying Tulip Beading Needles.
See you on Fb?
Please don't forget to "like" Tulip Beading Needles.