Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hmmm, I wonder how this works?

The motivation to purchase the iPad was to be able to blog and work on the road without hauling my laptop.
Turns out it has sooo much to offer and I have yet to really blog from it. Is this the moment I learn to use it to blog? Let's try to post this and see.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Amy and I had a great time at Beadfest, one of 4 annual bead shows by Interweave. This is the one that has consistently been identified as the Philadelphia show though circumstances over some of its 9 years has forced it to change venues, from Fort Washington to Reading to King of Prussia, PA. The other three Beadfests are in Santa Fe, a new one in Texas and a wire focused event at the same King of Prussia venue in April.
For two years now, I have not applied to teach at Beadfest, but have attended to schmooze and shop and spend a little time with my pal Phyllis Dintenfass from Appleton WI. She taught there again this year. Her table was so swamped at the Meet the Teachers event Friday night that I was presed into service simply writing up the sales of her kits and email addresses of her fans. I handed off my camera and asked for someone to snap a photo of Phyllis as she helped some of the beaders select their kit color choices and this is the best of the lot. Sorry it does'nt show her face so well but, you can really appreciate her necklace, right? It is a strand of many of her wonderful beaded beads: Empire, Puffin and triangles among them. On her jacket she is wearing her Sea Whirl brooches.

Once again I had the chance to visit with Jolene Star of Bazaar Star Beadery and her friend Allison Lara. This time when they inquired, I was quick to whip out my trusty iPad to show them my current roster of workshop descriptions. When shown the description/proposal for a workshop that tickled their fancy, they had only to press a button to wisk it off to their email inbox. Later this week I expect them to call and invite me to teach some workshops in Ridgewood NJ. Hope we'll share a day of joyful creativity together there soon. You, like me, will be completely jazzed by their enthusiasm and bright spirits.
Kathy St Martin is a PMC jewelry instructor I met at Meet the Teachers on my way to Phyllis' table. The work she had on display was quite lovely and since she was a new name to me, I snapped her picture so I could share her and her jewelry with you here.

Photos were forbidden at the show. But, I'll share some of my personal highlights. A huge fan of Bob Burkett's for many years, this year I succumbed to one of his incredible bat beads. He makes gorgeous metal beads or small sculptures, capturing the detailed likeness of a creature such as a sea turtle, crab, cicada, beetle, or bat in a copper silver alloy called shibuichi, resulting in interesting patinas and colors. Many are articulated, having moving silver wings, legs or claws. His work stopped me in my tracks as I walked by the Green Girl booth. He was quick and courteous to answer my questions and I noticed that his name tag simply read Green Girl so I had to ask: "Who are you?" and was delighted to know that it was indeed Bob Burkett, incognito, and his amazing work. I just might have to interview him to find out more about his work, that I know so little about but that has intrigued me so much over the years. It has to be over a decade since I read an article about him in, I think it was Ornament magazine. Perhaps I'll gather enough info to write a long overdue feature about him.

Bert and Dana from the Well-Done Experience were exhibiting their wonderful beading-to-go items that I shared with you last year. Here is that pic again. Clear, zippered project bags snap into the pocketed beading mat so you have everything you need at hand for beading on the run. Among other things, we share in common is our love of bead crochet, Tulip Company's new line of silky cushioned bead crochet hooks called Sucre and the desire to share new and exciting bead crochet techniques. They live and teach in Manhattan and have, for the first time, proposed some projects to teach at the Bead and Button Show for 2011. We're meeting soon to discuss collaborating on, oh ... more on this when something concrete develops. It is these opportunities to share and give each other a leg-up and network that make events like this magical.

Sara of CKoop Beads and I discussed my using her gorgeous enameled components in my felt component jewelry workshops her and in an upcoming weeklong workshop I'll be teaching in Australia. I teach an array of feltmaking techniques to produce small felt sculptures, beads, ropes and bands. These are then combined with beads, metal and chain to produce finished jewelry. Browen Heilman said she would be happy to provide her silver capped focal beads if I can find the marcasite charlotte 15's necessary to once again offer the Marcasite chain with Focal Bead project that was so popular at Bead and Button Show in 2009.
My mission at the show was to find lustrous stick pearls and I did at Pearl Concepts, Inc booth> Even better was the assurance that by emailing Helena with the code number, I can get more! Perfect for kit making.
And I have to say that the weekend culminated with my being convinced to resume teaching at Beadfest. Next week I'll start putting together some proposals for next August.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

To my surprise, when I asked Linsey what she's beaded lately, she produced from her bead box one of my very own designs! This happened last Thursday evening at my class in Tivoli at Beadzo. I asked how she came to make it, knowing this was her first class with me. Turns out, her grandmother's friend taught her grandmother, and then her grandmother taught Linsey. Wondering how it started. Was it from a kit purchased from my website? Or, had Linsey's grandmother's friend taken one of my workshops where I share these beaded bezels: Ostara's Emerging Blossoms, A Bevy of Bezels, Rivoli and Pearl Charm Earrings, Raku and Rivoli Bracelet or the Stick Pearl Petal Slide Lariat? Interesting. Hey, if you would like to whip up one of these beauties, each kit is only $15. They can be purchased off the website using paypal or, since last month, I can now accept credit cards over the phone or in person.
Sure hope you can make this out. It is a most amazing knotted cedar that Jim Clark has made into a table. You may recall me raving about his incredible cedar furniture in an earlier post? After years of admiring his work at the Mohonk Mountain House barn museum, where he is curator, I finally bought a piece a couple years ago. It is the bench in the heart of my studio. It is where I sit every day to bead for hours at a clip. You might be able to see part of it in the video R.A.W. lesson on YouTube.
He designed a symmetrical glass top with an irregularly shaped and precise cutout that allow the cedar to protrude through the glass. It is a striking piece.
It was a slow afternoon in the Barn Museum last Tuesday when I was there. On the 24th I return to do my final craft demonstration of the season. I'll likely work on felt components for the collaborative piece I am doing with Carolyn Baum's wired glass components. In a perfect world, I'd have finished something for Carolyn to show at the International Society of Glass Beadmakers' Gathering in Rochester. Oh well.
Speaking of Rochester, NY, Marilynne from Studio 34 Creative Arts Center, herself freshly returned from the ISBG Gathering, has finally set our date for my workshops there for the 3rd weekend in November. We'll keep you posted on content as soon as it is decided.
Sorry I haven't been posting. Last week I shipped off 21 proposals for next June's Bead & Button Show. Yup, 21. It is always fascinating to see which projects they select for me to teach there.
Then, as soon as they were signed, sealed and en route for delivery, I began my project for Tulip Co. They'd asked me to advise on their English translation of their delightful booklet of recipes and accompanying kits. So, today I was able to put the finishing touch and send that off.
Next in the pipeline: to finish the samples for the new workshops I have designed especially for Germany in March and Jelly Beads of Mogo in Australia in April.