Thursday, March 22, 2012

Band of Triangles Workshop Mystery

Among my phone messages yesterday, was one asking if there were any seats left in my workshop Band of Triangles at Laura's Beads. Hmm. I have no workshop with that name or in a venue called Laura's Beads.
Let's see...
In the studio class yesterday, Amy said she was intrigued by Jean Powers bangle of continuous triangular components that appears in the current BEADWORK magazine. Maybe the caller is referencing a Jean Powers workshop and called me in error. Nah, that can't be it.
A couple weeks ago I shipped an order of Tulip Beading Needles to a store called Laura's Beads. But, I am not teaching there. That's not it.
So I googled and this screen is what came up.
Turns out Laura's Beads, yes the one selling , is offering workshops from published works. This workshop is a project from my book MASTERING BEADWORK. The workshop is labeled "by Carol Cypher". If you click on the workshop a second screen reveals that the workshop is my design that is being taught by her staff. She placed a link to my website there and this led the inquiry to my door.
P.S. I called Laura to give her the callers number and query. I left a message on the caller's voicemail that Laura would answer her question.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hand Felted Bangles & Beaded Beads plus Bezel for rivoli with DVBS

The plan for my workshop with Delaware Valley Bead Society was to hand felt 3 bangles AND learn two types of beaded bead to finish 2 of them and a quick bezel for embellishing the third bangle with a rivoli.
It came to light in conversations during our reception at the "D.Vine home", that while they are a talented and jewelry-oriented lot, there are not so many bead stitchers among them. It is always exciting to introduce beaders to the wonder of bead-weaving with tiny seed beads.
Often in a beaded-felt project, we start by producing the felt. Then we clean up the supplies and work area and break out the beads. This time I figured it would be wise to teach them the beadwork while they were fresh and eager...first thing.
We started with undulating peyote. Even those beaders working with seed beads for the first time "got it" and 1.5 hours into it we were ready to switch it up and bead a bezel. Some beaders came with 18 mm rivolis and I also brought along some vintage Swaroski stones.
By the time we came to think about breaking for lunch, I had already demonstrated the third beadwork: odd-ct peyote. This group is a powerhouse! Whew!
Jay told me once, "if anyone in New Jersey offers you it." They ordered pizza delivery and, no surprise, Jay is right. New Jersey pizza is worth eating!
After a quick lunch they selected their wool and commenced hand felting their 3 bangles each.
No whiners in the bunch. Everyone made their 3 AND had time to start the odd-count peyote beaded bead.
We even had time to discuss deconstruction techniques. A couple beaders created windows or channels in their felt, to hold the bead bezeled Rivoli.
This was a fun and exhilarating group. Yes, when they invite me hack next year, I'm there!
Would that I could include more photos. This blogger app on my devices keeps changing and I have trouble making the changes work for me. The pics are in my device and not on my Mac, so there you have it.
Hope I sort this out by the time the new iPad arrives!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekend with the Delaware Valley Bead Society

My trusty Garmin directed me beautifully to the D.Vine, yup, divine, home. Debbie is gracious and charming and lovely. We met a few of the Delaware Valley Bead Society members for Thai dinner. Actually, it was one of those Asian fusion restaurants, though trendy and popular, I just don't "get". Thai and Japanese and Chinese are distinctly different cuisine. But hey, I'm old enough to recall how popular the "continental" restaurants were a few years back. It is just as much a stretch to present Italian and French cuisine from the same kitchen....,I digress, sorry.
But, before I leave this topic, my lemongrass grilled shrimp with veggies was superior and I, dare I say, envied Karen's sushi and sashimi entree. No have not seen anything that fresh and authentic looking outside of Japan.
This weekend we will felt no few than 3 bracelets. Plus they will also learn undulating peyote, my fast new way that I had to "dope-slap" myself for not inventing in time for MASTERING BEADWORK, double needle odd-count peyote and a secure, quick and sparkling bezel. These 3 or others we'll explore, will be used to complete each bangle.
This group has some very talented jewelry makers: beaders, metal workers and metal clay sculptors, and fewer bead stitches...until the end of the weekend. There will be a dozen or so mad hot bead stitchers soon.
Well, more fun to share after the workshop. Goodnight for now.