Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wondering if it is possible to post a new blog entry from my iPod. Let's see. And if this works, how do I add photos? Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm so excited to tell you that the first 4, of the dozens we're working on, of kits for beaded bezeled rivolis are now available. You've read alot about these quick and easy bezels in this blog. Click on the photo to see their lovely texture and that they are as beautiful from behind as from the front! 3 (Styles A, P and B so far) of these 4 are made for an 18mm rivoli (included). Call me so I can tell you which colors are available. We've priced them so that they can be collectible at $15 per kit. The 4th kit is the fuchsia flat-bottomed dome and bezel recipe to fit it like a glove. Only $12.50 per kit. You'll use 8, 11 and 15 sized seed beads from your stash with the easy to follow illustrated recipe and rivoli. Include $4 with each order for priority shipping.
While we're talking kits, I've also a limited quantity of kits for these Lea Zinke Bud Bead Earrings. They are fun to make, combining netting, polygon, ladder and fringe stitches. In addition to the rosy lavender ones, there are a couple yellow pair. Send me a check for $30 plus 4 for priority shipping.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just HAD to share this...Pat and I just "bumped" our iPods and transferred a photo to each other. Wow, just like in the ad.
Yipes! We experienced a crisis at the Bead Blast today. Well, I had an unfortunate bead-stuck-in-the-keyboard incident and all the other sweet beaders had to live through my (hopefully, somewhat reserved) meltdown. I knew there was a bead on the laptop as I worked but, continued, unfettered. Then, yikes, it rolled between the keys. Feeling a cold sweat creep upon me I asked for a tweezer and Phyllis was right there with a very sharp, nearly surgical quality number. As I squoze the little bugger it rolled from between the keys to UNDER a key. When turning it upside down and shaking didn't do the trick I had to walk away for a minute. The second call to Dell produced a patient and kindly tech. He talked me through the procedure for removing the hinge, lifting the keyboard, dealing with the ribbon cable to the motherboard and how I'd replace it with a new one. Yes, Rodney, I can handle this, I assured him. "But", he said, "before hanging up, just tilt the computer and lift the corner of the key that you think it is under." With a small amount of trepidation I did as he suggested. "OOOOOhhhh, RODDDDDNEYYYYYYY", I exclaimed, as the bead rolled onto the table. Peels of laughter from all the other beaders filled the room. They recognized this satisfied tech support adventure as having a happy ending.
This weekend was the coming out party for the line of kits that Bead Gallery Inc and I are collaborating on. There are kits for Lea Zinke's Bud Bead earrings, 4 styles of bezels (designed by moi) for assorted 18mm rare and vintage Swarovski rivolis that Genevieve has collected, plus the 20 Ct Diamond Ring shown here.

Taking a break from the beads, Pat, Phyllis, Sylvia and I shared apps and iPod tricks with each other. Was it Pat or Sylvia that began this iPod virus that has captured our hearts? Glad you did.

Sylvia stores her crystals in these little Craft Mate cases. The 10 plastic containers fit in the clear plastic sleeve and store like a book on a shelf.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Voices of the Stones came to our Bead Blast this afternoon to share their bounty of gorgeous gems, stones and pearls. Co-owners Carole, shown helping Amy with her selections, and Mary, seen in the background, sorting beads said MAYBE they'll make it back to New York just in time for our March Bead Blast. If they DO make it, it will be fresh from Tucson! This means we would have access to all the best stuff without the fuss of doing Tucson Show.
Ellen drove down from Palenville, picking up Jill in Rhinecliff on the way.
Fran is serene and radiant as she bead embroiders her hand felted bangle. For much of the day she beaded a nuno felted scarf she made last week.
Sisters' Originals: Nancy, Sylvia and Cheryl; brought a selection of seed beads for our shopping and beading delight. Included were the new hybrid beads from Toho.

As midnight approaches our numbers diminish to 7. Shown beading are Terri, Ann, Phyllis and Pat.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Last week Kathie Tuckruskye, a teacher at Arlington Middle School, called to say that their Fiber Arts Club could use some advice with their felting project. It happens they meet after school on Wednesdays so off I went...
We talked about how felt is made and I discussed my hand felted jewelry and beads. Then we kicked back the chairs, gave each girl a TFB (Turbo Felting Board), her choice of colored merino and a metallic pipe cleaner (yes, they still call them pipecleaners, not chenille sticks). In short order they created either spiral felt earrings or a felted bangle bracelet. The last bus left at 3:45 yet we were able to "bang these out" in the time we had! (love that TFB)
This was their first wet-feltmaking experience, having only needle-felted to date. Check out this sweet teddy bear this student made.
We expect to nuno felt a scarf at their Dec 9th meeting. Yes, it IS possible in that short window of time. We'll use rubber friction cloth and heavy duty bubblewrap plus the TFB and they'll leave with finished scarves!
Beadzo is having an artisan jewelry and crafts sale at Pamela's magnificent home, 17 North Rd. Tivoli, NY on Sunday Dec 6, 1-6pm and Monday the 7th, 6-9pm. Call for info 845-757-2780 or 845-594-2649. The works of jewelers Kaja Dedijer and Betiana Ruffinatto will be featured along with beadwork by local artists and special purchase gifts that Pamela traveled far and wide to collect for us!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We had a great time at Beadzo class tonight (Tivoli, NY) . As usual each beader came with her agenda about what she'd like to accomplish. Thankfully, they give me a head's up so I knew to show up with feltmaking materials and Robert Michael Croft glass implosions. Tara is shown here beading a Treasure Bracelet (the strap for the implosion bracelet shown on beading mat in foreground).
Check out Cookie's beaded felt purse. The stippled effect outlining her floral pattern is acheived through bead embroidery.
Charlotte liked the new bezels for rivolis that I've been working on so feverishly. She is using them for earrings and will be featuring them at a craft show this month.
This is the 2-Sides of the Story bracelet that Tara finished since last time.
Lise felted and beaded the implosion to the right. Beautiful.
Our next class there is December 3rd. We know Lise wants to learn how to compose a freeform beaded bracelet, Tara wants to do Midnight in Manhattan (a new kitted project), Kaja wants Bead Happy and Terri suggested Turbo Bead Crochet. Ooooo, we'll have a ball. To join us give Beadzo a call to reserve a seat 845-757-5306.

Sunday was a beautiful day to be in NYC for a day of booksigning/trunk show/felt workshop at Kinokuniya Bookstore, opposite Bryant Park. I took an early train so I could make the day exspansive and adventurous. Bryant Park had skaters galore, though it was balmy weather and we were forced to carry our coats over our arms rather than wear them. Vendors were set up in small glass shelters selling a myriad of goods as varied as Nepalese crafts, candles, wire wrought sculpture, hand knits, handcrafted jewelry and scents. It was enjoyable to try to take it all in, even though I was hauling 2 weighty cases of supplies and jewelry.
During my event at Kinokuniya Bookstore upstairs, there was an gathering of "Lolita girls" being taped for TV. Their costumes were wonderful, ranging from goth to dorothy of Oz to pink and cutesy.

The theme of this workshop was wet feltmaking and we made flowers.
Victoria is a Kinokuniya Bookstore regular and attended each of my events. Here she is shown sporting her new creattion. Thanks for turning me onto green tea frappe.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Look at these sweet Tetra-Phyls bracelets (designed and taught by Phyllis Dintenfass) that Pat Reisner completed from that class with Phyllis at Beadfest. I love how they dance and flutter when she wears them.
A couple posts ago I spoke about the kits we're working on for Midnight in Manhattan. Meanwhile I had to ramp up the inventory of these beads. Well, I am not sure if you can tell from the photo but, both of these are each worked up in size 8 Japanese seed beads. One is the original and one is worked up from the fresh delivery of beads I ordered for the kits. Yikes! There is such a difference in the way the Matsuno worked up compared with the Miyuki. The original piece is firmer and the new one is loosey-goosely and UNacceptable. So, what is the harm in laying in even MORE beads?

Customarily you can find me teaching on a couple Thursdays a month at Beadzo in Tivoli NY . This month there is only one class and it is TUESDAY 17th.
Call to reserve a seat 845-757-5306. Lise wants to felt and bead an implosion, so I'll have the materials with me for her, and you if you wish to join in. I'll show Terri and Cookie some jewelry designs that use the new bezeled rivolis they have been making with me. Tara might bring Charlotte and perhaps they'll felt and bead a small purse like that shown in the photo. Makes a great gift!
Sunday I'll be back at Kinokuniya Bookstore in NYC (across the street from Bryant Park). We'll make a felted flower from 2-5pm in a specially discounted $25 workshop! Call to reserve your seat 212-869-1700. I'd love to link you to a sexy website but, truth is, they are an amazing bookstore with a woefully blah and uninformative website. I'll bring Turbo Felting Boards for everyone to use. There will also be a trunk show of my felted and beaded jewelry and a booksigning. Come by and felt with me.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Bead and Button Show class is called Two Sides to the Story Bracelet. This innovative new technique came to me while exploring the capacity and versatility of a South African stitch regrettably named Polygon stitch. It produces flat beadwork that corrugates as you work, making it reversible. It is so much fun to actually feel the beads shift into their positions in your gentle grasp. When I teach this many beaders call it magical. I love it. The class is 3 hours and guaranteed to rock your bead world!
This lovely piece is dryly named Glass Bead Inspired Lariat. THE glass bead is one of Nancy Tobey's signature beads. The glass bead's beaded dopplegangers as well as the actual lariat itself, feature more aspects of (regrettably named) Polygon stitch. You know how important it is to me that my designs be not simply beautiful and comfortable and pleasing but also be infused with several techniques, skills and tips to share with those that bead them. This piece does all that. At the conclusion of the 6 hours you will have a new repertoire of beadwork skills plus a lariat well under way.

Once again I will teach Diamonds of Fire. The class will be sponsored by Swarovski making it more affordable and of added value. Walk away with several completed elements of this necklace and a real comfort with cubic right angle weave. Many beaders find right angle weave intimidating. Fall in love with it here. The piece in the photo is 1139 bicone cystals. The recipe for a convertible 2 bracelet/necklace version will be shared as well. Choices are good.
When the Bead and Button Show website posts the finalized classes, I'll bring you up to date and include the links to these and my other classes.

Maybe you're wondering what the heck has been keeping me from keeping current with this blog. Well, where to begin. As inquiries about workshops mount up, I've begun compling the list and descriptions of new ones. Perhaps I shouldn't talk to you about the ones that are still firming up but, I like to share the process behind some of them. The pieces left are the front and back shots of a reversible pendant that features a complex cane hand felted bead on one side and a blob of glass I purchased in Seattle.
They are bezeled back to back in a technique I teach that works for any shape cab. The necklace is a fascinating rope that is supple and lovely as a necklace and I might even like it more as a bangle/bracelet. Fran and I brainstormed about names for some of the nameless projects. Evocative of its skyline and colors, this is Midnight in Manhattan. The kits for Midnight in Manhattan are ample for a necklace (with or without a pendant) or two bracelets. Expect to hear more about this when the kits are ready.
You know I've been bezeling my brains out. Hmm, Phyllis suggested that perhaps I can imagine a bezel book on the horizon. Maybe. Though still working on a dozen new designs for some of Genevieve's rare and unusual Swarovski elements, I am playing with the ways to use them.
The challenge is that, unlike most cabs or rivolis that are set into beadwork and viewed straight on, these cabs are embraced in a surround of beads to be appreciated from every angle. Used on the end of bead crochet, we can see the texture and color of the entire piece.
Meanwhile, did I tell you that Genevieve (from Bead Gallery Inc) and I are collaborating on a line of kits featuring my designs and her inventory of Swarovki. (Yes, in addition to contemporary elements we'll draw from her collection of rare and vintage stash.) We are working on them passionately and hoping to have the first designs available in a couple weeks. Providing lots of bling for the buck, and trying to prevent the angst of indecision, we're pricing them such that beaders will want to buy a few at a time.
Plus, we're kitting this project called 20 carat Diamond Ring. Hey, Amy, this one if for you!! It is a ginormous "diamond" set in sterling silver charlottes.
During my week's absence I also had to take and upload photos of the Bead and Button Show classes I'll teach in June. This year's photos are a marked improvement over last year's. Next blog entry...