Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Gift Boutique

This Saturday, 5-8pm, is the opening celebration of my library's (town of esopus library) Holiday Gift Show. Local artists are invited to offer their works for sale plus there is a book sale and refreshments. When I participated a couple years ago, I purchased a watercolor by Claudia Engel. As a matter-of-fact, she also had greeting cards featuring prints of her watercolors, which I bought. Quite beautiful. For this event, especially, I made several bracelets of Swarovski crystal, some in the picture above. They aee festive and sparkling and perfect for the holidays.

I will also show some felt jewelry like these bangles and...

perhaps these and...

maybe even an assortment of felt and bead rings.
Last time, as my contribution to the spread of tasty bits, I made that delicious hot-cranberry-concoction-over-a-brie-cheese-wheel that Sylvia made when I visited her last. Everyone loves this when I've served it. Or, should I make those little dumpling things that are Japanese seasoned chopped/shredded vegetables rolled up in softened spring roll wrappers? Hmm. It will be fun to ruminate about this all week. And I'm reminded that the little device arrived so I can take credit cards using Square on my ipod in this wifi enviornment.
If you cannot make it to the library but, wish to purchase one of these items pictured, drop me a line or give a call. I'll ship it right out and, for this holiday season, I'll make the shipping and handling FREE.
If you are in the Rochester NY area, Studio 34 Jewelry Arts Learning Center is having a Holiday Show and Sale December 4th. I've a few bracelets, cuffs and rings there.
And while we're thinking about exquisite hand crafts as gifts this holiday season, a trip to Evergreen, a gallery and shop of fine American craft, is an adventure. It is in Great Barrington MA, a destination worth the trip. Stroll the main and side streets. Shop for delicacies, clothing, toys, name it. Dine in any one of several area restaurants. A most delightful daytrip from my hudson valley.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday at Studio 34

Marilynne was smart to schedule the beading workshop for the morning, when everyone was fresh. It was 2 Sides of the Story, a reversible bracelet made using the new stitch I invented that produces flat beadwork that pleats as you work. It is based on the curious thread path of a tubular South African stitch.
It wasn't really as dark as the pic would have you think.

We hit Wegman's for lunch- to-go during our brief break before the afternoon felting workshop. Yum. The hot food bar featured things like eggplant in dashi, cauliflower in saffron sauce, sauteed asparagus, mushrooms with shallots ...
It was consensus to use the majority of our time feltmaking.

Everyone made 2 felt canes each. In the last hour we addressed how each would take form as a bangle or bracelet.

Some would be knotted or overlapped and then beaded.

Some have spaces to accommodate stones or rivolis. Joanne just happened to have a few bead bezeled rivolis on her.

Suzanne had taken the felt bangle with undulating beaded bead workshop with me at the Bead & Button Show in 2009. She since made several and wore them today to "show and tell". Most everyone started an undulating beaded bead that could be used to cover the connected tapered ends.
It was a great day full of felting and beading. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday in Studio 34

We had 2 half day workshops today. Some folks could only fit one into their schedule, while a few others will be in all 4 workshops with me this weekend.

This afternoon they had a choice of Fireflies at Sunset or Fireflies at Midnight.
Twin sisters Sandy and Stephanie, in this afternoon's class, spoke about their philanthropic projects and fundraising through Katie Shirley's Closet, in memory of Stephanie's daughter, Katie. Two recipients of their successes are Fairy Godmothers and Daystar for medically fragile infants. Handcrafted bracelets with charms reminding us to "live, laugh and love" were made by volunteers and sold in several area venues. They became collectors items and their popularity grew.

Stephanie gifted with me a necklace that evolved from those earlier designs that declared her daughter Katie's philosophy.
This evening Suzanne took me for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. During the wait for a table, we strolled around the area. In addition to 2 independent bookstores, there was an antiquarian bookstore as well. You could really love it here. Rochester looks to be a place that supports booksellers and artists, reads and values art and beauty. Studio 34 is one of several studio and loft spaces that fill a former industrial building. And there are others as well. I'm told there are outdoor art installations in the neighborhood too. It is lovely.
We window shopped the closed small shops in a Village Gate Square. One had signs of life: WOSA'S Natural Hair Salon.

The door was open, the lights were on and I was drawn closer. We were beckoned into the busy and welcoming shop where a couple clients in chairs were being worked on. When I asked if I could take a photo to post in my blog they obliged me. Juanita R. Reid and I praised each others locks and she said I could photograph her.

And in fairness, here she is when caught in a candid salon shot and...

Here she is as seen on her webpage.

Suzanne and I received the buzz on the gadget from the restaurant that alerted us to their having a table for us. Dinner was good, the visit was even better. Tomorrow is a day of half felting and half beading.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

So begins my weekend Rochester NY

Wondering what you're looking at? It's my attempt at sharing with you a rainbow I saw on Wednesday. It feels so special to see one. And then, on Thursday, I saw yet another. Yup, feels pretty special.

This morning I took the train from Poughkeepsie to Rochester. Seems like we've discussed it forever and at last, here I am in Studio 34 Creative Arts Learning Center.

After I checked into my hotel, I stopped by the studio. The place was abuzz. It is a large space broken into several working spaces. In one area a chain maille class was in progress...Full Persian Inverted earring by Barbara DeYoung.

If you think the name is exotic, you can rest assured that the design stands up to it.
Above, in the hot glass area is my hostess, Marilynne Lipshutz at her torch. She not only collects lamp worked beads and other glass artwork. She too is a beadmaker, preferring to work in borosilicate glass. And she even teaches bead making. Do you see the two Caucasian colored glass figures in bottom right of picture? They are the work of Milon Townsend, a local flame worker. Local but internationally recognized. I suspected it was his work, though I was baffled by seeing it displayed so casually. You may recall my posts from Hotel Murano when I last taught at the Puget Sound Bead Festival in Tacoma, WA. The entire newly renovated hotel is replete with glass art works. Dale Chihuly chandeliers grace the common areas and lobby, each floor is dedicated to a particular glass artist, and the guest rooms are appointed with amazing glass. I took in as much as I could, even studying their numerous volumes on glass artists around the world that line the lounge area of the lobby.

Beadworker Melinda Andrus occupies an area with her "Mel's Beadery". Have you ever seen such a tidy bead bench? And, her husband Dan said it wasn't because tonight she is having an open house. She is always this tidy and organized her buddy Suzanne seconded. Folks came and went, enjoying Mel's hospitality, jewelry sale and exhibit.

This is Suzanne Angell at the torch. She and Melinda had taken my classes at Bead and Button and now we're "old friends". They do craft shows together and are true P.I.C. (Partners In Cr... uh, Creativity). And this, my friends, is how I came to be at studio 34 tonight.
Off to bed now. Need to be fresh for teaching two half daylong workshops tomorrow and Sunday.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My day in Milford PA

My friend Mary Ann and I try to schedule a day together at least once annually. Usually she makes the big trip (north) and we visit, feast and hike all day at Mohonk Mountain House. This time she asked me to be her guest at a knitting event close to her "neck of the woods". I must say that my drive to Milford PA was nearly warp speed! Seriously, once onto Rte 84, it is 65 mph most of the way. And fellow drivers are not content to keep at 65. Whew. Anyway, it was just over 1.5 hours each way.

Jill Deal, Inc. (check out her fabulous window dressing in her store at 200 Broad St.) hosts these knitting daylong events regularly at the Hotel Fauchere across the street. I parked 'round back, as the signage indicated. Seeking out the knitting event was a task but, I was able to take in some of the lovely hotel as well as the Emerson next door. As it turns out, Hotel Fauchere owns the adjacent building which houses a most amazing and authentic patisserie downstairs and banquet and meeting rooms for group events upstairs.

The knitters gathered around a large, uh, huge, table. I think I counted 10 along each side and 2 at end end...about 2 dozen of us. At the head is our hostess Jill Deal. After the continental breakfast (offering the best croissants I've had since, dare I say, I sampled my own, while I was pastry chef at the Hudson House) there was leisurely "show & tell" session. We worked our way around the room, each knitter sharing what she had made recently and is currently working on. They freely shared instructions for projects and praised each item shown.

Marty, shown here, showed several completed projects including this shrug, a popular garment among these knitters.

For a couple hours we visited with each other and knitted (having given up knitting, I beaded instead). I really enjoyed the round table "show and tell" and would love to see us adopt this procedure at our bead blasts. This way everyone present at the time gets an opportunity to see the new work of the other beaders.
Across the hall a table was spread with "make your own sandwich/salad goodies" and we broke for lunch. Afterwards we knitted (beaded) some more and had a bite of dessert. By 3pm we wrapped it up, some had already bid us ado and others of us headed out to walk Broad Street and shop at the knitting store before heading home.

This store that now sells items for pets had at one time been the smaller space for the knitting store.

The newer larger knitting store is chock full of yummy yarns, many from companies and sources I recall from my knitting days. Lovely and luscious products. In the foreground see a trunk show of hand knit sweaters, shrugs, hats and vests. And that is Jill, herself, at the register.

Up the block from Jill Deal's knitting store we almost walked by The Artery, Fine Art & Craft Gallery. If you click on the link, notice that one of the artists in this cooperative gallery is Carolyn Baum, the glass artist who you may recall me posting about May 18th. I have several wired glass elements of hers that I am using with my felt work. More about this collaboration as it firms up.

These round forms in the window stopped me in my tracks. Upon asking for permission to snap a pic or two to share, the artist himself spoke with me. Richard Weber said he has been making carved balls of clay for several years.

He carves into them with an exacto knife when they are in their leather stage, producing a wide variety of patterns and designs. Each sphere is fired, glazed and fired again. Because they contain a few loose beads of clay, he refers to them as rattles.

In a separate window I spied this piece but neglected to inquire about it in particular. I love, love , love the contrast of the rippling fins with the sharp pointed protrusions at the top. When I see fascinating forms in other mediums it drives me to seek to produce them in felt. Hmm, wonder if this will inform something new in felt.
Jill's customer Jane mentioned the knitting cruises that Jill organizes. Plus Jill has a knitting event scheduled for December at Mohonk Mountain House.

She admired "Hooked on Daggers, Pearls, Silver and Gold", a bead crochet project that I teach. Perhaps we will have her knitters crocheting some beaded jewelry. What do you think?
Hope Elizabeth and the other artists had a great weekend selling their work at the Dutchess County Arts Council Fine Art and Craft Market at the Mercury Grand Hotel in Poughkeepsie, NY. I became so absorbed in my beadwork that I never left the studio today to take in the show. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Friday, November 12, 2010

Come share the magic of felt making with me at Art Society of Kingston

Next month I will offer a nuno felt making workshop at Art Society of Kingston in Kingston NY on December 10, repeated December 11.

A.S.K. just celebrated its 15th anniversary. You may recall my post on September 18th when I gallery sat at A.S.K. for the first time. It was coincidently the first post generated from my iPod. Have I ever mentioned how much a adore my iPod?
I'm planning on taking in Vindora Wixom's exhibit, Crossings: Borders / Bridges / Barriers. Her paintings and wire work will hang through the 27th.

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Craft Show Season Begins...

Elizabeth, Designs from Fenwood, and I played around with beads and iPod apps in the studio today. On her way back to Fenwood, she'll set up her booth at Mercury Grand Hotel in Poughkeepsie. Tomorrow and Sunday she will sell her hand felted scarves & home goods as well as her beaded jewelry at the Dutchess County Arts Council Fine Art & Craft Market. Though this is her 3rd year at this annual event, this year's show is in this new venue. It is easy access right there on Rte 9/South Rd and promises to have ample and easy parking and provide a larger accommodation for more vendors. She dyed the silk for her scarf shown above, that same luscious saffron as the one featured in HOW WE FELT.

Earlier today, when I wasn't obnoxiously enthusing about my new ipod, and of course "selling" her on new apps, she worked an a bracelet similar to this one above. A visitor to her website spotted it there and commissioned one for herself.

Elizabeth has cultivated repeat-customer base. Some of these customers collect her beaded-bead pendants like this undulating peyote one.
If you can't get to the show this weekend, visit her etsy store.

Charlotte will be selling her beadwork in Woodstock NY at the Jewish Community Center's craft show. She used to come when I taught classes at the Woodstock Bead Emporium. Over the years, as my dance card filled with international teaching assignments, I reduced the number of local classes I offer. That the Woodstock Bead Emporium closed and, that there is a single local venue on my teaching calendar, Charlotte now comes to my classes at Beadzo in Tivoli, NY. When she came to class last night she wore this bead crochet necklace that she finished since that bead crochet class.

Last night I also snapped this shot of Yvette's necklace. Lise's sister, Yvette, is here visiting and being a beader herself, accompanied Lise to class. These puffy beaded beads are peyote stitched. Their shapes, the color combination and composition makes for an eye catching piece. Hope she comes our way again soon.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Exhibit in Plattsburgh

Saturday night a beadwork exhibit opened in Plattsburgh NY at North Country Cultural Center for the Arts. Among my pieces in the exhibit is this pair of earrings. They look like fine chain, fine ball chain but are actually tiny size 15 Charlotte beads stitched in right angle weave.

Also in the exhibit is Metamorphosis, this "triptych" (let's stretch the meaning of this) is a handfelted form, the form actualized and represented in beads and the form again, fading as rendered in transparent beads stitched with hand colored thread. From the group e mails i received and the info on line, other bead artists in the exhibit include Suzanne Golden, Laura McCabe, Marcia deCoster, Diane Fitzgerald.
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Sunday at Bead Blast

This is the hotel manager, Michelle Rice...BEADING with us at our bead blast. She checked in on us yesterday and purchased a kit from Cathy. Cathy showed her the stitch and off she went. This morning she showed us how much she had done before running out of thread. Guess it is in her DNA. We gave her the dates for next year and look forward to sharing more with her.
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"Jilly Beads" and Ellen arrived together.

Ellen announced that she is now certified as a metal clay instructor. These are a few pieces she had with her to show us. Rings, pens, earrings using clay, skip, paper etc.

Left to right are Jilly Beads, Fran and Amy beading merrily as Ellen and Marianne greet each other.

Mary (above) and Carole (below) came to sell us beads. In addition to their fine quality gemstones and pearls, they brought along lots of bling!!!!!
You too can shop from Voices of The Stones, in February. Carole and Mary will be in Tucson exhibiting at The Best Bead Show.

Some of us stayed up wayyyyyy too late again Sunday night beading and visiting. So forgive me if I keep this short and sweet and slide off to bed.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bead Blast Saturday

Yesterday a few of us opted to meet at the hotel so we would wake on-site for the Bead Blast. A group had rented one of the conference rooms and finished early. Management offered it to us for the evening. It was such a treat to enjoy a few hours of Bead Blast in advance of the actual event!

Today the roomed filled right up with beaders, laughter, the fragrance of Janet's famous brownies and beads, beads and more beads. Foreground to background: Mary, Sarah, Amy and Louise busy at beading.

These little components that combine bicones or fire-polish crystals with pearls and seed beads were the hot item. One person taught another and then that person taught the next. You could say it went "viral", in the best possible meaning of the word.

Above are Sylvia, who has organized our blasts for the past few years, and Cathy, her partner in monthly beading events on Long Island.

In addition to teaching a new project each month, they offer a line of kits and an array of Japanese and Czech seed beads. The kits above feature their necklace designs using the stitch I call peyote-carry-one. By adding strategically placed extra beads to tubular peyote stitch, I found the otherwise stiff rope became supple as bead crochet. Cathy said that their L.I. beaders love coming up with new bead combos for this stitch.

Fireflies at Midnight is my current design featuring this stitch. I'll teach it at Studio 34 in Rochester on the 20th and at the Bead & Button Show in June. This one shown was made by Janet. She beaded a cylindrical beaded bead to cover the magnetic closure. Its exquisite fringe makes it a focal element.

As mentioned in an earlier post, 3 beaders agreed to bring their husbands' wood-turnings. Anne's husband John turned these vessels.

The pens, wine corks and crochet hooks are Bob's work (Janet's husband). Irma displayed her husband Steve's earrings not visible on the far left of the table.
Best of all, in a day full of bests: we get an extra hour. We'll be beading. How will you use your extra hour?
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