Sunday, August 15, 2010

To my surprise, when I asked Linsey what she's beaded lately, she produced from her bead box one of my very own designs! This happened last Thursday evening at my class in Tivoli at Beadzo. I asked how she came to make it, knowing this was her first class with me. Turns out, her grandmother's friend taught her grandmother, and then her grandmother taught Linsey. Wondering how it started. Was it from a kit purchased from my website? Or, had Linsey's grandmother's friend taken one of my workshops where I share these beaded bezels: Ostara's Emerging Blossoms, A Bevy of Bezels, Rivoli and Pearl Charm Earrings, Raku and Rivoli Bracelet or the Stick Pearl Petal Slide Lariat? Interesting. Hey, if you would like to whip up one of these beauties, each kit is only $15. They can be purchased off the website using paypal or, since last month, I can now accept credit cards over the phone or in person.
Sure hope you can make this out. It is a most amazing knotted cedar that Jim Clark has made into a table. You may recall me raving about his incredible cedar furniture in an earlier post? After years of admiring his work at the Mohonk Mountain House barn museum, where he is curator, I finally bought a piece a couple years ago. It is the bench in the heart of my studio. It is where I sit every day to bead for hours at a clip. You might be able to see part of it in the video R.A.W. lesson on YouTube.
He designed a symmetrical glass top with an irregularly shaped and precise cutout that allow the cedar to protrude through the glass. It is a striking piece.
It was a slow afternoon in the Barn Museum last Tuesday when I was there. On the 24th I return to do my final craft demonstration of the season. I'll likely work on felt components for the collaborative piece I am doing with Carolyn Baum's wired glass components. In a perfect world, I'd have finished something for Carolyn to show at the International Society of Glass Beadmakers' Gathering in Rochester. Oh well.
Speaking of Rochester, NY, Marilynne from Studio 34 Creative Arts Center, herself freshly returned from the ISBG Gathering, has finally set our date for my workshops there for the 3rd weekend in November. We'll keep you posted on content as soon as it is decided.
Sorry I haven't been posting. Last week I shipped off 21 proposals for next June's Bead & Button Show. Yup, 21. It is always fascinating to see which projects they select for me to teach there.
Then, as soon as they were signed, sealed and en route for delivery, I began my project for Tulip Co. They'd asked me to advise on their English translation of their delightful booklet of recipes and accompanying kits. So, today I was able to put the finishing touch and send that off.
Next in the pipeline: to finish the samples for the new workshops I have designed especially for Germany in March and Jelly Beads of Mogo in Australia in April.


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