Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crochet and Scrumbling

Irma mentioned her knitting & crochet group at our studio class. She enjoys the group but feels challenged to produce straight edges in her crochet. I told her to avoid even trying and take up instead, free form crochet or "Scrumbling" as James Walters and Sylvia Cosh called their highly textured, multi-patterned and potentially colorful style of crochet. Gosh, can it be 15 or more years since I took their workshops in "Scrumbling" at The Wool Room? It was life changing! Every stitch was a step on a yarn adventure. It provides the opportunity to use every size hook and every and all yarns in your stash. Their book THE CROCHET WORKBOOK and Jame's book CROCHET WORKSHOP are next best to a workshop. (r.i.p. Sylvia)
The very first exposure I ever had on the Internet was when James Walters posted my scrumbled coat in The Gallery section of his website.
The colors aren't exactly true but the extraordinary texture is evident. What a fun and creative process is free form crochet. I would crochet a patch the size of a notepad or placemat and then arrange the pieces like a puzzle and connect them.
When I taught in Australia the first time, crochet teacher and author of FREEFORM KNITTING AND CROCHETJenny Dowde was also teaching at that conference. I knew we would be fast friends. I'd read a lovely book review she had written about one of my books AND she is a free form crochet devotee and fellow fiber goddess! What's not to love?
While I was with Tulip Co last month, Mr Harada gifted me the gorgeous limited edition of blue Etimo crochet hooks (left, below)
On the right is the set of Tulip bead crochet hooks called Sucre...and they ARE sweet, in French or any language... silky soft in your hand with a perfectly crafted point that slips easily into the bead stitches. The beadstores carrying Tulip beading needles sell these gorgeous hooks individually and by the set.
Wow, I feel like getting my yarn basket out...but not until I finish the new sample I'm beading for an April workshop at Bead Gallery Inc.

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