Monday, April 22, 2013

Nuno felting at Bead Browsery in Liberty MO

Http:// is a gorgeous beadstore housed within the Corbin Mill in Liberty MO. Within this same beautiful brick building is a knitting/needle art shop, an antique store, a dance studio and a rug hooker's paradise called "American! Whatever", that stocks hundreds of hand-dyed and over-dyed woolen fabrics and 100's of patterns for hookers. Polymer clay artist and teacher Kristi Friesen, who you may know from our bead community, has even designed some of these. The brick and interior walls are decorated with over 150 of owner Sandy William's hooked rugs.
It was my pure delight to spend 3 days doing workshops here. day one...Nuno Felted Neckwear. Paula is seen modeling Kay's piece. She used her felted chenille wire to produce a bezeled "keyhole", through which the silk end of the scarf could be pulled. Lovely. Sandy ( yes, the rug hooker and shop owner above) hand-dyes silk scarves that are always available but were most appreciated for this workshop. Michele is seen here wearing a green one that she felted her skewer-technique motifs into. Dana brought a very large white silk scarf with her. Through tenacity and focused concentration, she was able to complete the equivalent of two scaves-worth of felting within our workshop. She is seen wearing this here.

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