Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tomorrow is the deadline for submitting proposals to teach at 2010 Bead and Button Show. Mine have been submitted and hopefully received (I'll check tracking when I finish here) but, I cannot resist sending this newest one, Spike and Sparkle Necklace, shown below.
Tonight at Beadzo (Tivoli NY) Terri started one after I taught her how to set a rivoli into the bicone circles we've been making (picture above). If B&B accepts this class, it will be offered as a 3 hour class and most people will finish the pendant and the liquid silver chain it hangs from.

Once again I've submitted the Complex Cane felt beads Necklace but, this year as a 6 hour class, rather than 7 hour workshop. This is possible because the Turbo Felting Board makes it so much faster. Yippee. There are also felt bracelets, bangles and lariats among the submissions. Can't wait to see what they choose.

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