Thursday, February 4, 2010

As my work (and play) has become focused solely on feltmaking and beadwork, I have let previous interests wane. Last year a friend swapped a table for my drum. The year prior, I gave up knitting and sewing and purged the studio of these materials and accoutrement. Though some odd balls of yarn remain with my collection of crochet hooks, as I do still crochet, at least with beads.
For 3 years I have not touched my precious spinning wheel. Spinning is what seduced me into this wooly life and introduced me to a community of fiber goddesses that have informed the rest of my life. A workshop with Beth Beede at the Northeast Handspinners' Association Gathering was my introduction to feltmaking those many years ago. Years passed and I taught spinning at NEHA Gatherings, the New York Sheep and Wool Festival and many east coast guilds. (Spinning with wool, silk and feathers was a favorite.) Over the years, my workshops for these same venues evolved into feltmaking. So today I posted my sweet, signed, solid cherry Tina Traveler Jensen spinning wheel and all the accoutrement (swift, ball winder, lazy kate, fiber and library of Spin-off magazine) for sale for $500. It is not the end of an era so much as uncluttering my studio.

At Beadzo last night, Tara finished a Bead Happy Bracelet in her colors. She hid a magnetic closure rather than do the two headed beaded closure called for.
Charlotte wore the Dew Drop Diagonal Peyote Bracelet she finished from the previous class. It is lovely. It made Terry want to make one tonight.

These are two bracelets Terry made since last time. Liking the Aurora Borealis Bracelet she made last time, she said she made two more since, but they seemed different. Indeed. She made up this stitch and used it for both. Close to the same appearance, unless you examine the matte beads. Cool.
Jane learned double-needle, odd count peyote to make a toggle for her necklace. So, as described, Beadzo IS anarchy, in a good way. Three projects from MASTERING BEADWORK and two brandy new projects. A night of learning new techniques and finishing projects and good company. My life is delicious and a joy.

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