Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday's workshop at Bead Gallery, Inc was the Fantasy Flower Lariat in 5 Stitches. This is the one of the series of botanically inspired necklaces, that features pearls that look like cornflakes, as the petals.
Here I captured Stacey snapping of photo of Dionne's, so you get to see both!

Looking at Nancy's, you can see how much material was covered in the 6 hours (with a lunch break squoze in). We began by beading a mandala of circular peyote. Once lavishly beaded with fringe, it became the flower's center and the base of the calyx. We transitioned to beading the Ndebele herringbone calyx, tapering through strategically placed decreases to peyote and then the long stem of netting. Before adding the pearl petals, we beaded sepals along the top to support and lift them.

Rita's is the same composition though using a different color palette. Each beader had the freedom to express color preferences, with the selection of pearls at hand.

This is the store owner, and jewelry instructor Genevieve Martineau. She was able to sit in with us for the day. What a treat. You may recognize her from public t.v. appearances on Pam Healy's Jewelry Junkie show.

You may recall my writing about her collection of vintage, rare and custom Swarovski stones and rivolis, because together we are offering kits that pair my recipes for beautiful, fast and fun polygon bezels with her stones. They are priced around $15 each, so they can be purchased several at a time. Production stalled while she renovated the store but we expect to have a selection of these irresistable kits at Meet the Teachers in Milwaukee at the Bead & Button Show in June. THey can also be purchased from my website and Genevieve's store.

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