Thursday, August 25, 2011

My fair city, as Tom & Ray say.

Some local Hudson River Valley towns have asked their local artists to decorate a sculpture supplied by the village or a patron. Catskill has done cats for several years. On YouTube I watched videos of the auctions of these finished pieces.

They brought in around $2000 in bids, each. Hudson had dogs along Warren St when I was there last and I understand Saugerties has replaced their horses with lighthouses this year It is a gorgeous way to adorn the town and serves as a fundraiser as well.
In Esopus, the Hutterian community provided 12 white tugboats on pedestals and I was asked to decorate one of them.

When I first took on this project, I knew I'd be teaching in Australia for nearly a month, but felt confident I could finish ahead of deadline, upon returning. I recall sharing some of this with you at that time, like my seeking advice and proper supplies from John Bridges at Rhinebeck Art Supply in New Paltz. (BTW, John is having a show of new work at Unison Arts Center. I've marked my calendar for the opening Friday September 9th, 5-7pm.)
We received this notice:

About the tugboats being auctioned at the end of summer. Kind of exciting for our humble town. If you drive through Port Ewen on Rte 9W, aka Broadway, the artwork is laid out as indicated in the map above. Our town was beautified about 4 years ago with new street lamps and sidewalks. I love living here.
Fortunately for my Tulip beading needles customers, I have the best post office ever. They even call me when my EMS deliveries from Japan arrive. And they are a quick bicycle ride away. As are the new gorgeous library with river views, the new credit union that filled the void when Bank of America pulled out of town, a deli, pizzeria, convenience store, wine store. It was completely perfect a few short years ago when we used to have an IGA grocery store, hardware store, florist and neighborhood bar too. Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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  1. These sculptures are pretty cool. I was on a trip in 2001 and we were going through a place in South Dakota that had cows, than when I was in Billings, MT they had the horses, and in 2009 Montgomery, AL (where I live) had fishing lures to raise money for The Riverfront Park. I hope that your tug boat brings a lot of money for the cause.