Thursday, December 22, 2011


Having decided not to do yet another printing of HOW WE FELT, my publisher Interweave Press sent me the files. They said that because they opted not to print more, and the photos were taken by staff photographer and genius Joe Coca, that all rights are mine. I'm just heginning to investigate what would be involved to make it available as an e book from my website. Which makes me also wonder about having it available digitally for Kindle, Nook and iBook. And then of course, there is the "print on demand" market. It is all fascinating and another learning curve and I want to explore these. If you have advice or suggestions please drop me a line.


  1. Wish I did have some wise advice, but no such luck. I wasn't aware of this book. I'll certainly be thrilled if you can offer it in another format. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. LuLu is too expensive for some, but for this particular book it might be just about right, though my friend who published her book on Lulu didn't like something about her take of the price. You might want to check it out though. She seemed to have liked Amazon better. I think with Amazon there is Print-on-Demand AND digital/kindle versions available. There are probably other good options, but I only know what she told me.