Thursday, December 29, 2011

Suitto Needle Threader

Suitto pushed the thread through the eye!

Suitto needle-threader, loaded with needle and thread

Last January when I was exhibiting with Tulip Co at the International Great Quilt Show in Tokyo, this red tulip-shaped little machine caught my eye. I've wondered about it over this year and whether it would be useful for beadworkers who have issues getting their needles threaded.
When Bead my Love and SuperiorBeads asked me about them I had to look into this promising tool. Tulip sent me one, affirming that this delicate machine is intended for sewing needles and threads.
How it works: Drop the needle, eye first, into the hole in the center of the cupped area at left. Hold the thread so it lays across the ditch between this part and the tulip. Press the button. If the thread was held straight across but, not so taut as to not yield to the tool, it will be pushed through the eye of the needle. Lift the needle gently to avoid pulling the small loop of thread back OUT of the eye. Gently pull the loop through the eye until one end of the thread passes entirely through.
What I have found is: Fireline 4#, Nymo D, Sonoko and One G beading threads can be threaded onto a size 11 Tulip beading needle. 6# Fireline, 10# WildFire and all of the above will thread into a size 10 Tulip beading needle. Jill, aka Jilly Beads, used it several times in the last two Studio classes and, when the thread was properly placed it worked for her each time.
Sooooooo, I placed an order for them!
My best-post-office-in-the-world called yesterday morning to say they had my EMS package (it stands for Express Mail Service and it IS. It gets my packages to me from Japan in 3-4 days!!!). I tossed the box into my car (too big for my bicycle!) and dashed home, promising to return immediately. The priority flat-rate boxes were addressed and ready to be filled with the orders placed by Bead my Love and Superior Beads. Tomorrow they should have their Suitto Needle Threaders!Now you know where you can find them.
In the style of those sometimes touching Master Card commercials:
Tulip beading needles $4.95 per package. Beading thread $2-7. Suitto Needle threader, about $20. Getting back the thrill of having threaded needles every time you want them...priceless!!


  1. What a great concept! I will put this on my wish list for sure. Thanks for all the wonderful tools you bring to us to make beading easier!

  2. Bless your heart Shirley. It is a beadiful gorgeous life and I love sharing all the sweet stuff.