Thursday, March 22, 2012

Band of Triangles Workshop Mystery

Among my phone messages yesterday, was one asking if there were any seats left in my workshop Band of Triangles at Laura's Beads. Hmm. I have no workshop with that name or in a venue called Laura's Beads.
Let's see...
In the studio class yesterday, Amy said she was intrigued by Jean Powers bangle of continuous triangular components that appears in the current BEADWORK magazine. Maybe the caller is referencing a Jean Powers workshop and called me in error. Nah, that can't be it.
A couple weeks ago I shipped an order of Tulip Beading Needles to a store called Laura's Beads. But, I am not teaching there. That's not it.
So I googled and this screen is what came up.
Turns out Laura's Beads, yes the one selling , is offering workshops from published works. This workshop is a project from my book MASTERING BEADWORK. The workshop is labeled "by Carol Cypher". If you click on the workshop a second screen reveals that the workshop is my design that is being taught by her staff. She placed a link to my website there and this led the inquiry to my door.
P.S. I called Laura to give her the callers number and query. I left a message on the caller's voicemail that Laura would answer her question.

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