Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tulip Quilting Needles are in

I finally unpacked the latest delivery from Hiroshima. Since May I've been the U.S. distributor for Tulip neading needles. When I visited the Tulip factory in January I agreed to also carry their quilting needles. Tulip has been known for generations as the manufacturer of royal quality sewing needles... And more recently their perfectly exquisite beading needles, bead crochet hooks and fine beading awl.
Included in the box was this gorgeous crocheted lace made by Ms Yamashita, who works in the Kake factory of Tulip. Thank you soooo much. It is lovely.

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  1. I so NEED to buy the applique' needles and the quilting needles...are you still a distributor???
    Thanks, Subee