Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Last month's day in NYC

I'm once again on the train into Manhattan and attempting to catch up with you about the last visit to NYC.
My friend HyoMin Kang from Tulip Co flew in from Hiroshima for business stateside and we were able to squeeze in some time together. We dropped in at York Beads to deliver Tulip beading needles to Betcey (of Beyond Beadery fame). She and Nikia Angel were offering workshops at York Beads over the weekend. Betcey introduced me to Jennifer Vanbenschoten, editor of the on-line newsletter BeadingDaily. My initial thought was, I already know Jennifer. Then it occurred to me...we actually never have met before. We are familiar because we are Facebook friends and I read Beading Daily. She is lovely.
In the pics: HyoMin. Perry, York Beads owner and lord of the stripey and spike -bead kingdom is shown with Nikia. Betcey (left) and Jennifer (right) with me.

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