Thursday, December 6, 2012

All I can say is, I'm so delighted to be back.

For over a year I've carried around in my purse, a full-page for a design school which I tore from a magazine. The text is written over a photograph of a most fascinating gray-green beady looking surface. For months I ruminated about what this could be. Is it a sea creature? Well...Recently I discovered a most wonderful vegetable called, by my green grocer, a Romanesca cauliflower. It is the most thrilling and gorgeous thing I have ever seen. It looks beaded, sporting little round bumps that are at once graduated and swirling. Positively incredible. When finally provoked into cooking the first one that I carted around to show everyone who'd listen, I'd say it tastes both nutty and cruciferous...reminiscent of an artichoke.
Would that I could bead anything this lovely.
In the 4 or so months since we last shared this space, I've also been pretty much absent from Facebook too but, this darned inspiring veggie actually provided the impetus to get me to pin something on Pinterest, another social media I was encouraged into.

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