Sunday, January 3, 2010

A break in the snow and my schedule allowed me to attend Blanche's holiday party. That's Blanche, in the middle and, oops, that is Wendy's back. So much for candid photos. That entire wall you see is devoted to Swarovski crystals, well, plus a few Czech seed beads. Hidden from view in the photo is the cabinet of shallow drawers that houses hundreds of rivolis of every size and color.
Diane and Hillary are caught between the racks Japanese seed beads and the wall of bead strands that include every flavor Czech dagger, flower, rondelle, faceted fire-polish and more. Diane is wearing the piece she finished making from her workshop with Laura McCabe. We barely gave Hillary a chance to unwrap her scarf so, we don't see what adornments she is wearing.
It was a treat to visit Yoshie Marubashi (center). You know her from the many articles written about her, her award winning beadwork, her first prizes at Bead Dreams competition and her appearing here in the blog when she dropped by Kinokuniya to say hello when I was there signing books. With her, right, is Masami Sato. This is the first we have met, though I am familiar with her name and her beadwork, which also won awards in Bead Dreams competitions and appears in magazines. She returns to Tokyo 3 times a year to teach in her studio. We spoke about perhaps, my one day timing a visit there to coincide with teaching for a day in her studio. Ah yes, always I dream about returning to Japan.
I didn't ask these beaders before posting this shot of them shopping. Hope I haven't blown anyone's cover. In the foregound on the right, see the beginning of the pearl and gemstone display. Behind the wall to the left is the classroom.
I displayed some felt rings (a couple are shown here flanking a polymer clay ring by Ronna Sarvas Weltman) plus additional Felt Component Jewelry to whet everyone's appetite for the workshop on February 6.
Some of the beaders here are also members of the Bead Society of Greater New York. Their holiday party is at the end of the month and I'm going as Pat's guest. Soliciting their opinions helped me decide not to buy a table at the BSGNY party, to sell my felt jewelry. Figuring this opportunity would be a foot in the door to selling, would actually amount to an hour or two with 100 beaders or so. Though my work has been exhibited in Japan, Europe and a couple times here in the U.S. but, I've never seriously pursued selling my work. This is a sweet mystery I intend to explore this year.

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