Thursday, January 7, 2010

Perfect IS the new beading magazine Perlen Poesie. And, the good news is that now, there is a source in the U.S. for this perfectly exquisite beading magazine. Beads By Blanche has just received limited copies of the first three issues. Don't delay if you want them.
Amy Raff and I got to see this premier issue even before it was published, while visiting with the publishers and editors (Friedhelm Ott, Andrea Ott, Micha Schroder and Saori Schroder) at the Bead and Button Show last June. That cover is not just a lovely photo, but it is done in relief so you can FEEL the beads. The piece is my design and if you look closely, you'll see that one of the articles is "Cypher Space". What an honor to be featured on the cover and within this stunning magazine. The article includes several gorgeous photographs of my beadwork, and an interview (by phone and translated into German). But, forget about the text, you don't need to read German to thoroughly enjoy the projects, photographs and step by step illustrations. These are some of the clearest, most precise and self-explanatory, you've ever seen!
I'll have to give Blanche a call (1-201-385-6225) myself to get those subsequent two issues.

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