Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From Urban Stitch Studio

I just had to remove the photos to get this to post. Check back to see them when I can get them posted !!!!!!!!
This past weekend I taught workshops in Lutz Fl at Urban Stitch Studio. (Whiling away my time in the airport yesterday, I posted about next weekend's Innovative Beads Expo in Edison NJ but, there are issues with my blog app since the OS5 update. Grrrrrrr. (Did I just growl out loud? Yeah, well, I can't tell you how frustrating it is to see all the sharing and links and photos disappear into the ether!)
Friday evening was a workshop in beaded bezels and the iPod photos of us look like we are beading in a cave instead in this glorious and organized and spacious studio space. The ipod doesn't cope well with lighting and we had the task lamps going. (I understand the camera on the new 4s iPhone is amazing. Hmm. Maybe in April.)
Linda wins the prize for traveled the furthest... Minneapolis MN. She is a seasoned feltmaker and beader and a joyful person. Saturday morning we felted bangles and began beaded beads to connect the tapered ends of the felt.
Pam, on left, drove 2 hours to join us. What a treat it is to see her. She was in my workshops when I taught at the Art Glass Show in Orlando a few years ago and also at the Sewing & Quilt Expo in Tampa. Yesterday Patsy came to class and she has beaded with me at Convergence the year it was in Tampa and also at The Bead & Button Show. It's like old home week. Marlene (you recognize her from an October post about NY State Sheep and Wool Show, demonstrating feltmaking at her booth. A year or so ago, I posted here about the weekend I taught for her Marlene's Felting Madness) in Galipolis OH. Marlene is in process of trademarking her felting technique she calls Shambolic. It is piecework utilizing wool to "glue" the pieces. We were able to get her to model her coat.

This jacket was juried into an exhibit at the Workhouse Arts Center called Art of Fiber in Lorton Virginia.

My hostess this weekend is Pat Riesenburger also, like Marlene, a feltmaking teacher. Pat teaches crystal embedded felted jewelry at Tucson every year, as an ambassador for Swarovski.
Here she is wearing her cuff and jeweled necklace. Gorgeous. Next month she has a capacity workshop in the nuno shawl she teaches using her hand dyed fine merino wool and silk fabric.
This is Pat's wearing her felted long stemmed flower lariat from the afternoon workshop.
Wish i had a decent picture of Beth's.

Posted using BlogPress from my iPod, I hope, though photo less for the time being.

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