Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winter arrived early this year!

Once again our home came out unscathed... this time, from an early snow storm that piled tons of heavy wet snow on trees that still had their leaves. Trees fell onto roadways and power lines. We lost power for a couple hours but a million residents here and in neighboring states will still be without power for another day or more. I am grateful every minute for my charmed existence. When Irene struck, several local roads were washed away or eroded and I've learned new routes to neighboring towns. Downed trees don't have such an extended impact on travel since they are generally cleaned up pretty quickly.
I've brought out the sweaters and socks and assorted other woolies but, must avoid storing the lighter clothing for a couple months, looking ahead to 2 stints in Florida. Next weekend I will be in Lutz Fl, near Tampa, to teach both beadwork (Twilight in Savannah, Beaded Bezels and Fireflies at Midnight) and felting (Felted Flower Lariat and Beaded Felt Bangles) workshops at Urban Stitch Studio.

The second weekend in December I'll be teaching an entire weekend of Hand Felted Component Jewelry at Crystal Creations in West PalmBeach.
Today I am working on my new website. I learned how to add the poster about the demos I will do at Innovative Beads Expo in Edison NJ on the 19th. My new website is through Artisans Accomplice. They provide a friendly, affordable and figure-out-able way for artists (though they will not turn you away if you are not an artist) to set up and maintain their own websites. Gosh, when I think of it, 10 years ago I was a Luddite through and through. Why, I couldn't even navigate my way around the tv remote, doomed to watch only CNN if left to my own devices (so to speak). Now I'm completely INTO my "devices"... loving my iPod and iPad beyond reason. Plus I'm figuring out my new iMac, website, and considering, possibly, an iPhone!!

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