Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lost in the shuffle

Amy wanted to bead a band of peyote for her new pen by wood-turner Bob Rosenberg, so I reminded her of the easy double-needle method for odd-count peyote. Which in turn reminded me that the previous posts about the workshop at Beads Mosaic did not include everything I thought I'd shared. How I wish the developer would fix the bugs that have made my blog apps crash on my iPod and iPad. I've spent wayyyy tooooo much time happily sharing tales, photos and links only to find they disappear into thin ether. So, I'm "chewing my cabbage for the third time" as they say in the hills, on my computer this time, hoping this time is the charm.

Sarah, the beader we picked up at Innovative Beads Expo, finished her bangle in the morning session.
The tapered ends of the felt are joined inside the large-holed Unicorn bead. She embellished the felt with a simple few silver drop beads. Gorgeous.
One of the full-day felters, Sandy,
did it all. Here she is beading the undulating beaded bead for one bangle. Then she learned the double-needle odd count beaded bead for another.
She also selected one of the array of large-holed Unicorn beads on hand in the store, to finish a third bangle...seen in progress here.

In the back of my mind I keep imagining what Glenda and Liisa have in mind, when they say they want to create Cirque de Soleil inspired felt bracelets in our workshop at Crystal Creations a couple weeks from now (December 10 & 11). Speaking of...Marjolein Dallinga has a dream career as feltmaker for Cirque de Soleil. Cool.
Wondering if something like these will tickle their fancy.
Happy Thanksgiving. When giving thanks for the many blessings that make up my wonderful, creative, friendship and love-filled life, I am thankful to have you.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Carol, have a wonderful day with the ones you love.