Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thursday at Bead & Button Show

Opening day of the marketplace is always exciting. After delivering the first and very few size 12 Tulip beading needles I made my way right over to the Craft Optics booth. I got to see this special eyewear in action during the 3 classes that Marg, owner of beadfx Beadstore in Toronto, had taken with me. She likes her pair very much. I'll post about my first hand experience of them when mine arrive, possibly next week. Can't wait. Owner Jeff Caplan was charming and attentive to each and every beader, and there were considerable, who sat down to try this eyewear.
Sara from C-Koop Beads showed me the new findings she thought might be a fit for my felt jewelry. I'll keep you posted, after I put them into service. I adore her colorful enameled beads and findings.
Toho president Iwao Yamanaka presented teachers with a sample of their newest beads, slated for 2013: seed beads with larger holes! These are kinder on the eyes, permit more thread passes and will provide more beads per kilo. In this entire display of Toho seed beads, don't you just know that my eyes went right to Y310. Gorgeous. There they are in sizes 11 & 6 but, where are the 8s? Hmm.
AN ASIDE RE Size 12 Tulip beading needles: When I returned home from BB, my inventory arrived from Japan and I am now supplying your local bead stores with these lovelies. They are priced between the $4.95 sizes 10 and 11 and the $14.00 size 13 at $9.80. Just yesterday I put my first pair into service in my own beadwork.
First time in years I didn't buy a ring from Gary Wilson. Just never got over there:(
More BB Show to share in next posts...

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