Sunday, June 3, 2012

The beginning of the Bead&Button Show

Friday flights to Milwaukee were smooth as glass. Of course my hair and style of clothing earned me yet another pat-down. This one was like usual but, the one last month was more like a rub-down, than a pat-down. When it was over, I thought to myself, if I were a smoker, I'd be asking for a cigarette now!)
Anyway, travel went so well that, yes, my luggage even arrived WITH me AND was the third piece on the carousel.
The Gov. Walker recall issue is a hot topic here in Milwaukee right now. There both groups in our hotel, supporters and recallers . Ads are all over the tv. On my shuttle ride from the airport were a man a young woman, both recruited from out-of-state, to support and assist the pro-walker team.
The classes I taught Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all small but sweet.
It was an honor to have Marg, owner of beadfx bead store and glass/metal studio in Toronto, in two of my classes. We had the opportunity in addition to beading together, to discuss my visiting her store. Plus, she was sporting this cool iPad case. I told her I just HAD to take a pic to share with you. I think she said it is Logitech, $70-90 bucks. I held it and it is very light. When it snaps over the screen of the iPad it adds a little thickness but, not bad. Remove it to use the gorgeous keyboard and stand the iPad up in it either in portrait or landscape.
Motoko and I are squeezing in as much visiting as we can before our schedules hit the fan. She is translating for 5 Japanese bead teachers again this year: Hiroe Tagaki, Yumiko Watanabe, Keiki Seki, Emi Yamada and another teacher I do not know. These 4 beaders are well known to me. Over the years they have been my students here at B&B Show, well as when I taught projects to the teachers in Japan. Now they are teaching at B&B themselves.
Last night Motoko and I had our annual celebratory meal (always steak for her) at Hilton.
Well... Gotta run. More later.

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