Thursday, December 6, 2012

5th Annual Holiday Gala at Town of Esopus Library

This is the third time my schedule has permitted me to participate in my local library's holiday arts and crafts show and sale. It opened December 1st with an evening reception. The works will be on display for sale until December 29th.
The needle arts group that meets at the library every Monday offered several hand knit items for sale. Once again, I was able to collect wooly wonderfulness to get me through the winter, including wraps and fingerless gloves by knitter Michele DelPriore. This year she was showing her beaded knitted jewelry. Very cool. Here she is next to a few of her jewelry pieces.
Michele's husband Michael made an appearances and then helped install the last few displays that will linger throughout the season. What a delightful man he is. He admired the intricacy of my beadwork and then said he is an architectural model maker. Yes, here is a man who appreciates detail and intricacies. Check out these two pictures of his models. Yup, i said models. These are not the actual real estate. These are his exquisite models. To the extent that real estate development has declined, so has his business. And, Michael said, the trend is to outsource model making to Asia. So, he has stumbled upon a new market for his craft, when sought out by a customer who requested a model of his beloved's favorite property. He is rendering models of cherished real or imagined properties for folks who want to retain the property forever. One sentimental customer even requested a model of the TajMahal. This is right up Michael's alley. Ad he is as charming and personable as he is talented.
Michael, Michele and I enjoyed the opportunity to visit throughout the evening. When I spoke of how much I adore Japan and have had the bliss of traveling there 4 times, they divulged that their son, a language major at Vassar College, has accepted a position with government in Tokyo for 1-5 years. Not only is he fluent in Japanese, but, Chinese also. Wow.
It was a great opportunity to buy warm hand-knit woollies, sell some holiday beadwork and visit with "neighbors".

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