Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Today you can begin to browse Bead & Button Show classes

Oh boy, the Bead & Button Show website now offers class information for the upcoming show in June 2013... Only 168 days away :)

I'm offering 11 classes this year...9 are all new, Kalahari Mirage Necklace and Felt Bangle with Beaded Bead are the only repeats from previous years. Been beading my heart out and am so excited to have so many new and exciting projects (and techniques!) to share.

Click on the link above and check out what's offered this year. Last week i received my copy of the catalog. This year it is sooooo thick with soooo many offerings, that a mere staple would not suffice. This class catalog is bound! Even if you have a catalog, checking out the photos on line is superior. Have fun looking and strategizing.
Mark your calendar for January 8... This is the day registrations begin. It is a thrilling day for teachers to track their numbers. By day's end, there is a good notion of how full the classes will be. I'm not sure what the statistics are but, I'd venture a guess that 75% of the seats are sold on that first day. For popular classes that hold only 16 or 20 seats, Beaders want to be sure to "get in" and they sit poised at their keyboards on January 8. But, don't despair if your chosen class has filled before you registered. In the days following January 8, the Bead & Button Show team juggle things and strive to offer repeat offerings of the most popular choices. Sometimes they ask a teacher to accommodate more students. In some instances they remove a class that received few or no first day registrations and replace it with a repeat of a highly requested class.

I'll try to post some pics and descriptions of my new classes later today or tomorrow.

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