Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bead & Button Show registrations are pouring in.

Opening day of registrations for the Bead & Button Show is always thrilling. Teachers are sent an access code so we can see the numbers climb on our registrations.
This year I'm teaching 11 classes, as I've mentioned, and it is always a mystery how those 11 were selected from the 20-something I submitted. The greater mystery up until today is, which classes will be the most popular.
Going into this I expected B130475 Chameleon Necklace to be one of the hot sellers. It works up fairly quickly, offers both a technique and a finished necklace which is quite versatile. The bead choice here just happens to look great on just about any color blouse, sweater or dress. In an earlier post I showed it on turquoise, purple, fuchsia, mint green and yellow and it looked great with each...hence the name chameleon.
Sunday, when I met up with Claudia Waite (while she is in Manhattan performing at the Metropolitan Opera House) and Genevieve Martineau of Bead Gallery (a Melrose Massachusettes beading destination where I teach twice a year...3 day weekends in Spring and Fall), Claudia mentioned she'd already beaded a few Chameleons since I taught it at the Bead Gallery in October. A couple hours into registration and I see about a quarter of my seats are sold and, though its doing well with registrations Chameleon isn't one of the top 3. Go figure. Claudia and Genevieve remarked to me that the photo just doesn't do it justice. (No photos ever do, most Beaders will tell you.)
Well...I'm struggling not to fixate on the B&B website, so I will go jump on the elliptical. Maybe I can avoid checking it again until bedtime.
Here's a pic of Claudia beneath a billboard featuring her on the far right (in the scene, not politically ;)

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