Friday, January 4, 2013 are the two missing pics from previous post

A pair of bracelets I've named Sparkling Shoko, in honor of Shoko Akiyama, a friend and confidant who has translated/interpreted for me when I have exhibited with Tulip Co at the International Great Quilt Show in Tokyo. Last year she and Masami Oda learned one of my bracelet designs so they could in turn share this with the dozens of Tulip staff that wished to make bracelets too.
Turns out that one Wednesday a month staff from the Tulip Co factory meet for crafting together. I have promised to send Shoko beads and a recipe to share another new project with Tulip co-workers who attend the craft Wednesdays.
Later this month Tulip Co. will again exhibit at the Tokyo International Great Quilt Show. Several weeks ago when they invited me to join them once again, circumstances dictated that I would be unable to attend. I will be there with them in spirit.
The other picture is a modular piece that features the beaded beads I'll be teaching: a firm yet unstuffed type of pillow and the one I call trillium (though i SHOULD call them potato chip because you can't make just one!). I've just completed a new necklace featuring this pair of beaded beads...hmm, can I add a pic here? Lets see.

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