Saturday, January 5, 2013

This weekend Beaders the world over, are strategizing for the 8th...

Beaders are browsing the classes on line and/or studying the pages of their Bead & Button Show catalog so they can be ready for the opening of registration on the 8th.
If you click here , and type my name in the instructor box, you can see my 11 class schedule.
Mind you, the big rush for registrations is right on the 8th. Some classes only accommodate 12-16 students so, Beaders sit poised to hit the keyboard right at noon (I think), so they don't get shut out of their top picks. A short time later, Bead and Button Show management looks at the numbers. If there are no or very few registrations for one class and yet another class by that instructor filled right up, they sometimes juggle things around, replacing the lesser class with a repeat session of the popular class. In past years I've heard Beaders lament that they noticed there were a ton of cancelled classes, when in fact, the content was simply swapped out. This year I think there are well over 800 offerings! Sooooo many choices.
At some point teachers are provided access to their registration numbers for their classes. Until then, I confess, I am on tenterhooks.

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