Friday, August 14, 2009

Are you also in constant pursuit of the perfect storage solutions? Allow me to share my newest find. They are clear (actually translucent is more realistic) little bins, model no. S-12414 (7.5 x 4 x 3") from U-line.
Although it is possible to hang them, I simply stack them along the back of one of the work benches. They are large enough to hold several tubes/hanks of seed beads, and individual projects in progress. It has eliminated so much clutter of things that collect on every horizontal surface.
My first use of U-line was to order all the boxes, tapes, and packing supplies when we moved to Port Ewen. You simply specify the kit that fits your needs: apartment, small home or deluxe, and everything arrives in one shipment. It was such a satisfying experience that I reordered a kit for my folks when they moved last year.
Their number is 800-295-5510 but, you can click on the highlighted name for their website. Their customer service is so exceptional that I order all my boxes from them (for workshop supplies shipped ahead, for individual kits and for my books.) I wish they sold everything!! Every single order I've placed has been on my porch the next day (well, except the moving kits).
Kaja Dedijer (you may know her as the Kaja behind Kaja's bracelet page 197 MASTERING BEADWORK) is still apprenticing with a jeweler as she refines her craft and in Autumn will head off to NYC to complete her gemologist studies. Shown is Jill wearing her version of the Kaja bracelet that she just finished in class Wednesday night.
This design gets alot of attention. It was featured Perlen Poesie magazine and I will likely teach it in Dortmund Germany at their first bead festival in March 2010.
These flowers outside a restaurant caught my attention, especially their orb form. Makes me want to bead them!

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