Thursday, August 20, 2009

These crystal pentagrams have a sweet little star-shaped space in the corners. How fantastical!! In last night's studio class, everyone made one. I had all the makings and the recipe (I had just printed the recipe that I just struggled to illustrate on the computer. I AM getting better at it and hoping to create gorgeous computer generated illustrations for all my recipes.) These make wonderful pendants or of course you can link a bazillion into a fantabulous necklace.

Ellen Mahnken made this necklace of hardward and beads ANDDDDDD gave it to me. How lucky am I?? It can be worn with this side out or with the simpler side out.
This was the view from my windshield just moments from arriving at BeadFest "Philadelphia". Beautiful drive, though I much prefer when Amy and I have this adventure together. Though I risked "rush hour" traffic, the drive was just fine.
More about the show tomorrow.

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