Saturday, August 22, 2009

My bead show experience is always made complete by a visit to Gary Wilson's booth. He and his wife Kathy remain as cheerful and gracious throughout the show as they appear in this photo, explaining to each customer the origins of each stone. My earliest knowledge of Gary was in an article I read some years ago in Lapidary Journal (or was it Ornament?). I was charmed to read how his childhood fascination with rocks led him to become the rock whisperer we know and love today.
For a few years I have been collecting his solid stone rings. It is a way of carrying a bit of Mother Earth with you throughout each day; a comfort, a thing of beauty and a pleasure to hold and rub and wear.
Even though I am not teaching the Marcasite Chain with a Silver- Lined Bronwen Heilman focal bead at this time, I had to drop by and see what she has been up to.

The first time I met Sewdish PMC artist and teacher Gaby Friberg was about 5 years ago in Orlando at a bead show. She took a couple of my beading workshops there. Over the years I am delighted at the frequency that we meet again. Sometimes I find that she has registered to bead with me again and other times we run into each other in the exhibit hall at bead shows. Yesterday, as often is the case, I spotted her husband Rolf first, to find Gaby nearby.
Marlene Blessing and I met to discuss our taping of Beads, Baubles and Jewels for PBS television. We decided we'd talk about felt jewelry and I would give a brief explanation of making hand felted complex cane felt beads. It was so much fun. She is charming and professional and made it a breeze. This is the third one I've done for this producer, so we can say I have been broken in...I know the drill. When I know particulars about showtime, I'll share it here. (Yes, she IS familiar. Marlene was editor-in-chief of BEADWORK magazine and you saw her photo and read her welcome inside each issue. Recently she was promoted to editorial director and Melinda Barta has taken over as editor.

I'll share some of my finds at the show another time. Goodnight for now.

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