Monday, August 24, 2009

Unexpectedly, my time at Beadfest didn't extend into Sunday but, I still have things to share. Last time I walked past the craft book section in Barnes & Noble, I was stopped in my tracks by Ronna Sarvas Weltman's new polymer clay book. Well, at Beadfest I was able to meet Ronna and we even swapped one of her rings for one of my felt bracelets. What a joy. Sometimes, I am ashamed to say, I can be almost haughty about polymer jewelry. Guess I have seen too much that looks plasticy and amateur. Of course there are exceptional polymer artists I admire: Celie Fago, Grant Diffendaffer, Ellen Marshall (we had a chance to catch up quickly at Beadfest), Cynthia Toops. Well, add Ronna to this list. OK, upon thinkingof it, add Kathleen Dustin, Pier Voulkos, Elise Winters and I guess I like polymer more than I knew.

For beading (or any other activity requiring a portable light) you have got to check out this 8 LED called Rite Light. When I called the manufacturer to inquire about it they said the best deal is to google LPL900 to end up with Amazon site for making the $13.99 purchase. Worth every penny. But, I created a link here so just click on LPL900.
Bet you'd be surprised to know how limited the light is in my studio. Plaster walls and ceilings in an 1830 building makes it dicey. Anyway, this little dandy even comes with a USB cord to run it off the computer (and light my laptop keyboard) or batteries. Sweet.

On the way home yesterday from Beadfest, we stopped on Rte 202 in New Hope, PA and had lunch at The Nevermore. I get the feeling this could be a fun resort. The setting was deeevine, dahling" and some of the food and service was exquisite and sublime but the busboy had a 50/50 chance of delivering the food to the correct table and, yikes, didn't plus, Phyllis said the brioche was actually a stale roll. The soups were delish; the hummus, the best we'd ever had; the oysters fresh and fabulous, and fortunately they didn't kick in while we were en route ;).

Well, back to unpacking and storing the new stash of pearls and seed beads and my other Beadfest purchases. More soon...

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