Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm in Michigan for 3 days of workshops with the always delightful and hugely creative beaders of the Great Lakes Beadworkers' Guild. Today I taught Ostara's Emerging Blossoms, the necklace that features a pendant composed of a pair of polygon buds joined by a bail of tubular and then flat herringbone plus a bezeled rivoli closure.

Karen, above, brought her stash of eggplant and green beads. Elaine (left) used a green soup of size 11 similar to the kit but, chose purple beads for her buds.I hope that every beader who signed up tomorrow's workshop gets a good night's rest tonight. I'll put them through their paces beading Advanced Elements of Beadwork, a necklace of samplers of 6 beading techniques.

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