Monday, September 28, 2009

A previously felted and lined purse is the "canvas" for sampling several techniques in embellishment and surface design in a workshop I taught Thursday at Beadzo and will teach this coming weekend at the North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival.
Beads are added with embroidery and as edgings. A felt needle is used to apply color and texture using feathers, colored wool, and synthetic fibers. This weekend I will also teach 2 wet feltmaking classes: a felt flower and felted bangle bracelet. The classes are only $35 each and the materials kept at $10 for each of the wet and $15 for the felted purse and all tools and supplies.
Pictured here are Tara's, Kaja's, Pamela's, Cookie's works in progress from Thursday evening's class at Beadzo in Tivoli, NY. (Website is still coming, meanwhile, their phone number is 845-757-5306 to reserve your seat for the next class (October 15).

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