Saturday, September 19, 2009

This morning the Hand Felted Complex Cane Bead Necklace workshop began by asking each felter to select 12 of the prepared roving segments from the hundreds on hand. They are THIS happy already? What WILL they do when they come around to cutting their canes into beads, and see how fabulous they are?
After a couple hours of building the canes, we broke for lunch. Then we resumed making the canes and felting them. Then came the fulling process. There was only the tiniest hint of whining, and I think it was just to tease me. Alas, we took knives to the canes and beheld the fruits of their labors.
Jan is shown adjusting the length of her necklace before adding the finding.
Connie finished hers and was willing to wear it, even though it was still damp.
I suspect these beaders will be doing some more felting. They all opted to make the optional purchase of the Turbo Felting Boards we used in class.
The Great Lakes Beadworkers' Guild concluded our weekend of workshops with one more meal together. We tried 2Booli, a Mediterranean restaurant new to all of us. I could have had Greek salad, hummous and other familiar foods I love but, since the owners are Lebanese I chose to try their traditional Lebanese fare. Especially since one of the beaders in our party could share with us what she has earned about Lebanese cuisine from meals with her in-laws. The food was fresh and delicious. The crushed lentil soup was smooth and beautifully seasoned. My entree, shawarma, was marinated and grilled chicken served with grilled fresh veggies.
Thank you GLBG for another delightful time with your kind, creative and adventurous members. I look forward to returning.

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