Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beads Mosaic and Innovative Beads Expo

The pictures won't upload. So sorry. Give me time to figure it out or read on without benefit of photos.
Saturday was my first time at Beads Mosaic in Nanuet, NY. It was such a wonderful surprise to arrive to find a familiar face. Linda, a beader I visited with at Beadfest last year drove down from Vermont.
Pat Riesner, my beading and tech buddy, teaches classes here regularly and has praised this lovely store. It is spacious, organized, fully stocked, beautifully illuminated and welcoming.

This gorgeous classroom space is a delight. The walls are adorned with beads and there is a view into the shop. That far wall beyond me (above) is strictly pearls in a range of sizes and shapes as well as an array of colors. Marianne and Jessica provide knowledgeable and friendly customer service and design and/or teach for the store. These pictures are courtesy of Jessica (she is seated at the end of the table, in the middle of the pearls above). You know how sometimes I get so excited or into the moment or flat out busy to take some pictures myself? Well, I came away without a single snap!
We broke up the day into two 3-hour workshops. Many of Beads Mosaic beaders can fit a quickie workshop into their Saturday but, few had the entire day to devote to beading. The morning was spent making Fireflies at Midnight necklace. I had a couple newbies...one fessed right up right away and received, I hope, special attention, as circumstances provided. The other hid it until the end. A real trooper and must have beaders' dna...she was quite successful also.
Jessica sent this shot of Sherry's finished Fireflies at Midnight and the new one she has started. Fabulous. Makes my heart sing. Look at her go! Right this moment I am wearing 3 at once, staggered lengths plus one wound 'round my wrist.

Beads Mosaic provided a catered lunch of sandwiches, salad and cookies. What a treat.
Our afternoon workshop was Raku and Rivoli Bracelet. I'll be teaching this class at Bead & Button Show Friday June 10. If I can weight out the beads in time, I'll sell a kit of this bracelet at Meet the Teachers event at the Show. It is a friendly and quick discovery of Polygon stitch. The bezel is based on polygon and is as beautiful from the back as the front.
Store owner Renu also owns the Innovative Beads Expo. She asked me to join the shows on July 9 in Edison NJ, November 18-20 in Edison NJ, and December 2-4 in Fishkill. We will hash out the details but I will be there to provide a bonus for attendees. I'll keep you posted when I know...it might be any combination of demo, lecture, booksigning, quickie class, slide show...fun to bounce around the ideas in the back of our heads.
Guess I get to bead with some of these same beaders again. Some were signing up already for Twilight in Savannah, the workshop scheduled for July 10. Its a Sunday and the store is usually closed. Does this mean it is private shopping? Sounds enticing.
And on August 6, a Saturday, I'll teach A Bevy of Bezels. These are textured bezels that are almost more beautiful from behind than from the front. And they work up delightfully quickly. We completed one as just a portion of the 3 hour Raku and Rivoli Workshop. Marianne told me they will lay in a supply of special rivolis and crystal stones forthe occasion.
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