Monday, May 16, 2011

Bella Beads in Center Harbor NH

Saturday's workshop at Bella Beads was Elements of Beadwork. Each beader brought or purchased in the store, a focal bead and an assortment of seed beads inspired by its colors and finish. Each of several beadwork techniques taught, were learned by beading up samplers that will double as beaded beads in the finished strung compositions. They were lovely but...did I remember to take pictures? Sorry. I just get so caught up in the moment, that sometimes, I forget. "Bead head", Anne calls me!

Sunday morning, Bella Beads owner, Sue (above), opened the store a little early so students could shop for beads before we start our day of 2 half-day long workshops: Drop Bead Bangle and Undulating Beaded Bead on Bead Chain.

Suzanne had this blissful smile on her lovely face all weekend long. I told her she is like the Dalai Lama, in this way. Next thing I knew, everyone broke into " Hello Dolly" at full steam. It was great. And later, I cannot recall the precipitating factor, we all broke into Zippity-Do-Dah. It was great. And like the singing wasn't festive enough...
it just happened to be beader Nancy's birthday.

Her sister, (whose last name was Cypher, which caused Sue to jump to all kinds of conclusions) called to arrange a celebration for Nancy during the workshop! She bought her an inscribed copy of MASTERING BEADWORK, a gift certificate for Bella Beads and sundaes for everyone (delivered from Dewey's Ice Cream Parlor and Cafe.).

Preferring these fabulous sage green speckled with bronze Czech beads to drop beads or daggers, Jan opted to make hers using these tongue or petal shaped beads. To allow them to work in this project, I suggested she use size 6 seed beads and, allowing that her bead selection prevented it being a roll-on, we added a ball and socket closure. Jan and her husband Paul own Hearthstone Bed and Breakfast just around the corner and up the hill from Bella Beads. Sue arranged for me to stay there Saturday night. Among all the exceptional amenities, they provided wifi and a roaring fire in the fireplace in a comfy lounge. I'd have been thrilled to blog to you from there if I had remembered to take a couple photos to share.

Teaching this new-improved technique of undulating peyote is a delight. Everyone, even new beaders "get" it, right away! And it looks so lovely as a beaded bead in the beaded chain.

Next month it is THIS new way that I will teach for the beaded section of the Hand Felted Bangle with Beaded Bead in the Bead & Button Show. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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