Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday Felt Jewelry Components

Genevieve arranged for us to hold the Felted Jewelry Components workshop in the gorgeous and spacious Corinthian Hall across the street from the Bead Gallery. It is a remarkable space generally retained for weddings and formal and elegant occasions.
There were 17 students and so much material to cover ... forgive me that I completely forgot to take pictures until people were packing up and leaving.

I asked the remaining felters to place some of their fresh felt on one table so I could take pictures. Most everyone worked up at least two techniques. Once they were confident about what to do, and that they could finish outside of class, they set that project aside and started another, maximizing our precious time together. A few people made thick flat felt to cut and shape into components like the one below I made of my felt, Nancy Tobey's
borosilicate glass swirls and Gary Wilson's carved gemstone pinecones. Jamie incorporated dense motifs into her flat felt that she can sculpt into relief.

The cuff bracelets, beads, ring bands and felt above are Robin's.

Sharon's cuffs had flaps and folds. She has tied her bangles to dry in a twisted shape.

Kathy is working on multiple flowers and beads.

Reisa made a long, perfectly even and gorgeous rope to cut into lengths for a multi-strand necklace. She used some of the sari silk ribbon that Stacey brought for surface design.

Claudia made a very long and uniform cane to cut into beads and still retain a long piece for a project she is still thinking about.

Hmm, the white and blue rope is Kathy's, inspired by a set of polymer beads she had with her. The beads and cuffs???, not so sure now who they belong to. Sorry.

Kathleen made a felt lariat around chain, liking the hand of the lariat examples I brought along that are weighted.

This could be Dionne's work.
They learned tons in such a brief time and the group dynamic couldn't be beat. It was a friendly, productive, serious yet lighthearted group of beaders here and I had a great time.
When I return in Autumn we'll have another day of feltmaking. Hope you can make it.

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