Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beading at Bella Beads

Saturday we enjoyed a packed house for the Elements of Ndebele Herringbone workshop at Bella Beads in Center Harbor NH. This shot shows one corner of the shop and, with backs to the camera are Renee, Deb and Anne. Owner Sue is at the head of the table. Continuing clockwise are Suzanne (we dubbed her buddha beader for her divine perpetual contented smile), Sheesh, and just a glimpse of Edy.

And towards the right corner of the is Edy and continuing clockwise, Joan and Jo (who, hailing from California, win the "traveled the furthest" award), Carole's shoulder and in the foreground, Anne.

This workshop yeilds a gorgeous one-of-a-kind necklace composed of beaded samplers and various focal and other beads. It never fails that I lust in my heart over some beaders color/bead choices. By the end of the day, 16 beaders were intimate with tubular herringbone and variations that included swirling, seed stitch, inclusions within the stitches, inclusions between the stitches, increases, decreases and even floral elements.
Afterwards we enjoyed a feast at Coe House, the restaurant across the way. There was a fabulous arugula salad course but, nothing else remotely resembled a lean and green meal. The lobster gnocci!!!! Oh my. And I havent eaten bread i a few weeks and for dessert, bread pudding. But, no ordinary bread pudding. Not even extraordinary bread pudding. It was the most supremely, sublimely delicious velvety confection I ever ate...and there was no chocolate or lemon in it! Imagine, a dessert THAT amazing with no chocolate or lemon.
Sunday was a felted bangle workshop, and an opportunity to work off some of that exquisite meal. Well, not really. And of course I brought a Turbo Felting Board for each person, so it really isn't so much work. Most everyone decided to fabricate and bead them afterward, allowing more time to focus on production. I think everyone made 3 or more. This was a creative lot too. Hmm, was it Eliza that was fascinated by the option of incising the felt? And she did so, setting a focal bead within.

Anne terminated the ends of one of her pieces of felt with these sterling silver "horns". She will have beads extend from them and finishe it with a closure. One gorgeous necklace from a felt bangle class.

I remembered to shoot a few pieces before the day was done. I'm returning to Bella Beads the weekend of May 19th.
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Location:Beading at Bella Beads NH

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