Friday, October 14, 2011

E books, updates and all this tech stuff

Last week Interweave Press notified me that MASTERING BEADWORK

will be available as an e book, in addition to the print version. I just downloaded my copy. Not sure I imagine too many beaders beading in front of their computers but, there are some very cool reasons to have the ebook I'm figuring. For example, you can get really great close-ups of those beads. And if you know how, you have access on your devices. (Curious that they declared HAND FELTED JEWELRY & BEADS out of print, instead of offering it simply in digital form instead of printed. I'll ask about that.) Interweave Press reports that 30 % of their book sales are now for digital books. I'd never have guessed. Happily, MASTERING BEADWORK can still be purchased as a hardcover spiral bound book at stores, real and virtual, from the author, moi, and at beadstores the world over. Interweave's site offers it also, or the digital version or, what they call the "bundle", which is both! Hmm. That's a cool idea. The satisfaction of a spiral bound hardcover book AND the portability of having it on all your portable devices. (Hopefully I will learn how to have it on my devices when i have my iMac lesson tomorrow.) When I asked if MB can be read on Kindle and Nook, the reply was that it can be read on these debices, once downloaded from Interweave. Arrangements are being made so MASTERING BEADWORK can be purchased at the Kindle store and other e book sites.

The OS5 Apple update was anticipated with so much excitement but, the experience has left me disappointed so far. In syncing my ipod, I cleared out the apps and who-knows-what-else. I didn't dare sync the ipad after that. Tomorrow I'll have a class at Apple and hopefully, everything will be as promised, so all my data is available on each device.

This week I'm packing up and hitting the road for Bead Gallery Inc in Melrose MA. The owner Genevieve has quite a collection of vintage Swarovski stones, including the "diamond" in the "24 ct diamond ring" above. So, in addition to the handful of rings (yes all 5) in Friday's ring workshop, we're throwing in also the diamond ring! These 5 rings are one of the 12 workshops I'm teaching at the Bead & Button Show next June. My friend Motoko Natsubori will be translating for many of the Japanese bead teachers again this year. With her schedule looking as full as mine, we'll try to squeeze some visiting in before the show gets rolling. I digress...Bead Gallery has me for three days. On Friday, in addition to the ring workshop is the armful of bangles I call "Is Eight Really Enough?" and in the evening, Kalahari Oasis necklace. Saturday is the premier of Beyond the Red Velvet Rope, a necklace that pushes the boundaies of african helix and assembles in an interesting way. Sunday is a day of Fabulous Hand Felted Fascinators. Hey, did I recently tell you all this? I'm sensing deja vu. Anyway, I'm excited about it and don't want to leave you out, if this puts me in your neck of the woods.
Port Ewen, my fair "city", auctioned off the tugboats that had lined Broadway all summer. Its a delight to tell you each and every one sold and I hear my boat will be installed on the dock of a fellow P.E. resident who lives on the shore of the Hudson River. I'm tickled.
Well, got to run for now...more to come, love Carol
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