Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yum...another culinary adventure to share before I drive back north

Uh oh, the word is out on Ocean Grove. That is, for gastronomes. The New York Times discovered and favorably reviewed Seagrass Restaurant and Cheese on Main, a most extraordinary market of cheeses, sauces, jams, crackers and ChocoHigos. What are ChocoHigos you ask? They are hand-dipped dark chocolate Pajarero figs (dried) handmade in Valencia. I know someone who ordered 1 case of them, 12 boxes, and is on her way from Louisville to retrieve them. Ya can't make these things up.

This summer on one beautiful evening, we dined alfresco at Seagrass. (Alfresco, please reassure me that means out-of-doors and not in-the-nude). We just returned there for lunch before I hit the road. The restaurant is lovely inside. Each wall is painted a saturated and gorgeous color and serves as the backdrop for beautiful artwork by local artists. But, the shots I took included diners who may prefer not to be broadcast so, let me share a shot of some of the sea critters that occupy their huge and fascinating fishtank of tropical fish.

Well, I'll just finish my espresso and head back home. A couple stores placed some Tulip needle orders yesterday and today and I will get those shipped right out.
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