Saturday, May 26, 2012

York Beads and the magic of how it all works out

My recent mantra, as I've shared before is: everything works out as it should. The more I learn to trust the process, the more gorgeous, life is. (Forgive me for dangling my participle.)
After finding York Beads closed I remembered to remind myself that "everything works out as it the process", and I determined to have an amazing time in NYC. York Beads owner, Perry, is a facebook friend (and a realllly fabulous man) so I sent him a message saying I'd come with malice of forethought, hoping to lay-in some beads but, finding him closed, hope he is enjoying his long weekend. In an hour or so, my brandy new iPhone rings. It is Perry, offering to open at 230 if I can make it there! You betcha! He said he was able to do the bike race thing with his son earlier and, for the moment, was able and willing to meet me at the store. First I bought beads for extra kits for Bead & Button show, then I bought some because they thrilled me, buying plenty of everything so, if they end up in something wonderful, i can kit it. Oh yes! I bought as many beads as I can carry. And actually, the further I walk, the more I am thinking I should be carrying less.
Perry was gracious, and kind. And I hope he forgives me for not checking the photos I took of him for a do-over. Sorry Perry. Look at all those yummy beads. We had a wonderful visit. More on that later...I have to share some of the goodness with you...but, I'm dashing this off over a snack and iced tea/lemonade at Le Pain Quotidien. (If you read old posts I've shared this place with you before. I would eat here when teaching at Kinokuniya near Bryant Park.)

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  1. Well, I'm sure he'll forgive the 'mouth open' photo, since you thrilled so many of us with those awesome pics of his shop! What a gorgeous wall of beads!