Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here at TNNA, Pat Riesenburger is a first time exhibitor. We first met a couple years ago at Tucson when she represented her company Access Crystals . Here at TNNA she is a wholesaler to the trade, Aussie Threads and Fibers , supplying fine, elegant Merino wool and felting supplies.
She is also a blogger and from what I saw on a quick read, she is chock full of marketing advice for the retailer.

The "Great Wall of Yarn" was a tactile feast for us on our way into the TNNA exhibit hall.

Each evening after dinner, Naomi, Kazue, Mayumi, Kang and I beaded in the lobby. For their first beading project ever, they made everyones' favorite: Pat Riesner's sparkling bangle, whose recipe she so generously shares.

After packing up the exhibit, printing out my boarding pass and a celebratory dinner, we are together for the last time...until we meet again.

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