Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unable to blog while at Bead & Button Show, here is the week in review. While enjoying the Bead Dreams exhibit along come Suzanne Golden and Merle Berelowitz. Behind and to the left of Suzanne you can see half of her black and white bangle in the showcase behind her.

Lisa Garoon is one of the nearly 3 dozen beaders who have taken workshops with me in the past and honored me by taking eyt another again this year. She is shown wearing the elegant necklace she will enter in next year's Bead Dreams competition. We ran into each other at Gary Wilson's booth. She was shopping for more more of his gorgeous cabochons and I was picking out another ring or two to add to my collection of Gary's incredible lapidary work.

We find inspiration and imagery wherever we look. Here is gift wrap with interesting symbols. One right are similar graphics etched into windows of the sky bridge between the hotel and convention center.

Jay tells me that it is a rate treat to see baby seagulls and pigeons. How lucky am I to have had a few of this adorable feather balls born on the roof outside my window of the hotel. Very cute. Very loud.

These felt bracelets were made in one of the three offerings of this class I taught at B&B. The finished piece is one connected through a beaded bead and slipped on as a bangle.

Ahhh, back to the exhibits. Check out the ottoman! It is loomworked and has a wide and long rope attached to it to boot!

More of the Bead Dreams exhibit.

Tomorrow's blog entry will share the Japanese exhibit and Convergence.

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