Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time to catch up on B&B Show and TNNA photos, now that I have returned home and located the camera-to-computer cable.
Tulip Co. president, Mr. Kotaro Harada, is flanked by staff members Mayumi and Naomi, on his left, and Kang and Kazue on his right, in their booth at TNNA. This was their first exhibit in the U.S. and I was delighted to accompany them. I taught bead crochet to dozens of shop owners that dropped by the booth, using the new cushioned crochet hooks that Tulip makes.
While writing the Japanese felting book last year (sponored by Tulip and published by Patchwork Tsushin) I used only Tulip felting products. Until then, all the felting needles I had been accustomed to, were brittle little numbers from an industrial source. They would even rust if left in a sponge during humid weather. Tulip, being a manufaturer of fine sewing and quilting needles, began making felting needles. These are more resilient plus they have a slick nickel coating. These shiny and lovely little tools glide smoothly in and out of the wool. My favorites were those in a blue or green ergonomic handle. The handle is a cushioned grip that is warm and satiny to the touch and quite pleasant to use.
When I visited with Kang in March, she told me she employed this same material to design a comfort grip on the crochet hooks. I just couldn't wait to get my hands onto their hooks! (HEY, do I hear a marketing slogan here? Tulip can't wait to get their hooks into your hands!)
Lacis in Berkeley CA has been carrying some Tulip products, already. I promise to keep you posted on where you can find these as they become available here. Pictured are the two sets I received as gifts. Lucky me! The sets include precision Italian scissors, a ruler and 2 yarn needles.

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