Thursday, June 25, 2009

I received my copy of the premier issue of a German beading magazine called Perlen Poesie . The photographs make you reach out and touch them, certain they are dimensional. The projects are beautiful and desirable. And the illustrations are so precise and readily understood that language isn't even an issue. Unless you read German though, you won't be able to read my interview or the article they called "Cypher Space". It is an honor to be featured in such a gorgeous spread in this most exquisite publication. If you want to make the pillow beads that appear on the cover, I shared the recipe in the Master Class I wrote for Beadwork Magazine.
The inside cover has information about the magazine.

This blue and green reversible bracelet is the one Beatrice made using the new flat polygon recipe. This will be one of the classes I'll propose to the Bead & Button Show for next year. There are several brand new projects I'll propose, including one featuring a Nancy Tobey lampworked bead. Tomorrow I have dedicated the entire day to beading my heart out. It has been a few days since I have done some serious beading.
Since the Bead & Button Show proposals have to be in by July 30th, I better get crackin'.

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