Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday was a beautiful day to be in NYC for a day of booksigning/trunk show/felt workshop at Kinokuniya Bookstore, opposite Bryant Park. I took an early train so I could make the day exspansive and adventurous. Bryant Park had skaters galore, though it was balmy weather and we were forced to carry our coats over our arms rather than wear them. Vendors were set up in small glass shelters selling a myriad of goods as varied as Nepalese crafts, candles, wire wrought sculpture, hand knits, handcrafted jewelry and scents. It was enjoyable to try to take it all in, even though I was hauling 2 weighty cases of supplies and jewelry.
During my event at Kinokuniya Bookstore upstairs, there was an gathering of "Lolita girls" being taped for TV. Their costumes were wonderful, ranging from goth to dorothy of Oz to pink and cutesy.

The theme of this workshop was wet feltmaking and we made flowers.
Victoria is a Kinokuniya Bookstore regular and attended each of my events. Here she is shown sporting her new creattion. Thanks for turning me onto green tea frappe.

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  1. Wow, that photo really came out nice. I am actually pretty surprised :-) Thanks for teaching me Carol :-)