Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Bead and Button Show class is called Two Sides to the Story Bracelet. This innovative new technique came to me while exploring the capacity and versatility of a South African stitch regrettably named Polygon stitch. It produces flat beadwork that corrugates as you work, making it reversible. It is so much fun to actually feel the beads shift into their positions in your gentle grasp. When I teach this many beaders call it magical. I love it. The class is 3 hours and guaranteed to rock your bead world!
This lovely piece is dryly named Glass Bead Inspired Lariat. THE glass bead is one of Nancy Tobey's signature beads. The glass bead's beaded dopplegangers as well as the actual lariat itself, feature more aspects of (regrettably named) Polygon stitch. You know how important it is to me that my designs be not simply beautiful and comfortable and pleasing but also be infused with several techniques, skills and tips to share with those that bead them. This piece does all that. At the conclusion of the 6 hours you will have a new repertoire of beadwork skills plus a lariat well under way.

Once again I will teach Diamonds of Fire. The class will be sponsored by Swarovski making it more affordable and of added value. Walk away with several completed elements of this necklace and a real comfort with cubic right angle weave. Many beaders find right angle weave intimidating. Fall in love with it here. The piece in the photo is 1139 bicone cystals. The recipe for a convertible 2 bracelet/necklace version will be shared as well. Choices are good.
When the Bead and Button Show website posts the finalized classes, I'll bring you up to date and include the links to these and my other classes.

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